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Marketing a Social Game on Facebook

You would think that after developing a game for a few months, launching would mean ‘close-to-[...]

Social Casino Game Designer

So what exactly does a social casino game designer do? Last week I joined on with an elite group of [...]

Reinventing Game Theory 101

I have been diving deeper into game theory lately as I have been putting quite a bit of time into st[...]

Why Build a Social Casino?

Another Social Casino? What is a social casino? For those of you that don’t know, it’s a[...]

GAME OVER For Console Games?

Memory Lane of Game Consoles Past & Present  If you were a normal teenaged kid in the 80’s yo[...]

Maximize the Lifetime Value of a Social Game Player

You have been working on your social game, and now you are ready to start making some money from it.[...]

Add More Fun to your Social Game Design!

At Lucky Lady Games, the most important question we believe we can ever ask about a game design is &[...]

Being Female in Male-Dominated Industries

Aside from being a female CEO in the male-dominated social game industry, I am also an avid poker pl[...]

Jesse Winchester on the Art Process in a Small Game Studio

Check out an exclusive web release into the creative mind of our Art Director, Jesse Winchester Sc[...]

HTML5 Game Development with Benson Wong

HTML5 game development is the future of games What is HTML5 Game Development? HTML5 is a relatively [...]
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