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HTML5 Game Development with Benson Wong

October 30 admin

HTML5 game development is the future of games

What is HTML5 Game Development?

HTML5 is a relatively new markup language revision that is soon to be adopted as the standard web mark up language world wide. The HTML5 specs. and code is upgraded to include new attributes and features that will be great for making games such as the canvas tag, the video tag and the embedded audio elements. Combing HTML5 with other web technologies such as CSS, Javascript & J-Query, HTML5 Game Development can be taken to a whole new level.


HTML5 – Open Web Platform

On a basic abstract level, HTML5 game development can be described as a Open Web Platform because of its plugin-free and download free gaming capabilities. This is the reason why many developers or industry experts hope and label HTML5 as the future replacer of Flash Games.

When in the future will HTML5 take over Flash-based games?

No one is sure yet, but as technology advances and more users go mobile, an HTML5 browser based experience is not far behind. HTML5 game development is progressing faster than many people originally anticipated as thousands of developers are now dabbling in this ‘modern’ technology. Once HTML5 gains more traction and large companies start to back HTML5 game development. Check out our HTML5 Casino Game: Lucky Lady Slots (A five-reel slot machine game that pushes the HTML5 game development envelop).  Lucky Lady Slots is free-to-play slots for you.

With HTML5, the possibility of the online gaming landscape changing forever is not that far away.

Lucky Lady Slots - HTML5 Game Development

Lucky Lady Slots – HTML5 Game Development

Truly cross-platform technology

The great thing about HTML5 is that by choosing to develop games or apps in this technology is that it is cross-platform. This means that you can code the game once in the language and it will work on whatever device you choose to view it on, whether your desktop, mobile phone or tablet PC.

Check out an exclusive web release into our CTO,  Benson Wong’s documentary style interview airing on Evolution 107.9 – Plugged In with Erin Sale. In this interview, Benson talks about HTML5 game development, browser technology and the features of HTML5.

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