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Casino Quotes by Steve Wynn

November 23 Sandra Wong

For the fun of casino quotes by industry leader.

“The pent-up demand for the good life in China is extraordinary.” Steve Wynn

“My organization, my colleagues and I, are paid to run hotels in good times and fair times. We’re professionals. That’s what we do. I don’t give a damn about the short-term market implications.”
Steve Wynn

“Keep it simple. Tell the truth. People can smell the truth.”
Steve Wynn

“Getting things straight in your head is a major achievement because there’s so much clutter out there. You’ve got to push aside the static to really hear the music.”
Steve Wynn

“If you run a business, if you are responsible for a lot of people, you come to grips with the reality that you have to have discipline. You have to protect the enterprise in order to take care of the employees. So, therefore, you can’t be wasteful. You can’t squander things, or you jeopardize other people.”
Steve Wynn

“Artists, actors, people like that, they live in a very strange bubble of their own. They’re mollycoddled; they’re highly privileged.”
Steve Wynn

“Casino gambling is colorful and dramatic and theatrical.”
Steve Wynn


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