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Brief History on the UFC and MMA Betting

Want to know more about UFC and MMA Betting? Exactly two decades ago a lanky martial artist in a white Gi arm barred, choked, and submitted all of his opponents with technical wizardy. UFC – MMA Betting:  Sports commentators, fighters, and fans alike were in awe of how such an unassuming fighter weighing in at 160lbs […]

Kaveh Payman – Live & Online Poker Pro

Kaveh Payman – Canadian Online Poker Pro, EPT Champion When Kaveh Payman sets his sight on something, he usually gets it. Unluckily for the poker world, his eye is on Poker’s top prizes – bracelets, titles & of course the money. I met Kaveh back in 1998 when he was a battle DJ in the DMC […]

Zynga testing with Bitcoins – Alternative Currency Gaming

Zynga Bitcoins Experiment In response to Bitcoin’s rise in popularity around the world, Zynga, with help from BitPay (a leading Bitcoin service provider)  is testing expanded payment options. Zynga is currently experimenting with Bitcoins as a currency option in some of its most popular titles which include FarmVille 2, CastleVille, ChefVille, CoasterVille, Hidden Chronicles, Hidden Shadows and […]

Protect your Casino Bitcoin Wallet

So you are new to bitcoin casino gaming and to get started you need a bitcoin wallet… This post is a warning for all bitcoin newbies to put extra care in protecting their bitcoin wallets because it may be vulnerable. With a recently growing adoption in the bitcoin currency, many are wondering where the weak […]

Responsive Game Design & HTML5

Is a responsive game design possible? So today I went and explored a feature that a client had in mind for a “totally responsive game experience that scales up or down based on device size. ” I don’t even know if the term ‘responsive game design’ is a real term or not, but I went on to […]

Endemol Bets On Gaming by Leading $14 Million Round In Social Casino Developer Plumbee

The investment comes at a time when we have seen mixed fortunes both for social gaming companies and real-money gaming ventures. “Social casino gaming is a fast emerging market and Plumbee is one of the most innovative and dynamic operators in this space. This new partnership will allow us to accelerate the growth of Endemol’s […]

TonyBet Poker – Open Face Chinese Poker

Tony G, famous poker pro is once again in the poker spotlight with OFC apps Tony G. is one of my favorite poker pro personalities. I find him arrogantly funny and think his ‘seemingly loose’ style super entertaining to watch! Definitely not boring poker when Tony G. is around and I can’t wait to […]

Door is Wide Open for Innovation Gambling in Social Games

Real money online casino is growing, valued at $10 billion USD in 2012, and estimated to grow to $30 billion by 2015 according to Betable. Yet there’s a lack of innovation that could cap this growth if the online gambling world doesn’t start moving quicker on broader trends in tech, entertainment, and web. There’s a […]

Poker Stars Releases Social Facebook Poker App

Poker Stars, the leader in online real money poker finally releases their app on Facebook. Was this highly anticipated? I don’t know, but I see requests all over my Facebook Wall to try out the loved poker brand and so I did.  There is something that I love about the Poker Stars brand and I […]

Baccarat More Lucrative than Slots?

Just when we thought Slots were King of the Hill for casinos, it turns out that another casino table game may be taking the reigns for most lucrative. If you never heard of Baccarat, well it’s about time you have. This game is becoming one of the most popular tables games and just recently the […]

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