Winlets put the 'WOW' into your social media marketing campaign....

WIn this section we will share how Winlets came about, background to why we are so passionate about what we do and answer some general questions. Winlets are a valuable business resource that is free for businesses and their customers. If you have questions or comments email:


  • Can I use Winlets as a complete social media strategy?

    Winlets are not a complete social media marketing solution. We recommend that business use Winlets to accompany their existing social media plan for maximum effectiveness.

    Winlets are a valuable addition to any business wanting to build better customer relationships on social networks. Winlets help businesses through the entire customer life cycle, from discovery to repeat sales. Winlets add highly engaging game play elements to a business page which ultimately results in brand loyalty.

     Winlets requires our business partners to have some knowledge of social media and a business Facebook fan page prior to setup. Winlets is not a short term strategy (1 month or less). To utilize Winlets effectively, we recommend a minimum 6 month commitment or more. Your loyalty rewards program should be on-going and something that always exists in your marketing mix; therefore Winlets should always be something in your social media marketing mix!

     For businesses without a social media strategy, Winlets marketing team can help you create a plan for a set fee. Please consult with a Winlets specialist for details if needed at
  • Are Winlets only on facebook?

    Winlets can be advertised on any social networking including:
  1. SHARE: Copy the link to send anywhere.
  2. EMBED: Copy and embed iframe code into your website or landing page.
  3. EMAIL: Instantly email your Winlet to your email contacts.
  4. FACEBOOK: Instantly Share to your Friends on FB.
  5. TWITTER: Tweet your Winlet to your followers (Title + Link)
  • What do my customers have to do to get rewarded?

  • Visit – All users to your site will be tracked and rewarded for visiting your site
  • ​
  • Checkpoint completions – To encourage your users to complete Promotion Quests, we'll reward them along the way with status points, discounts and virtual goods/currency (Eg. McDonald's Monopoly)
  • ​
  • Promotion Quest completions – In addition to rewarding checkpoints, we also reward users for all completions of quests
  • ​
  • Sharing – All sharing will be awarded
  •  ​
  • Influence – All shared links will include a unique user id to allow traffic originating from specific users to be tracked
  • ​
  • Friends/Recruiting – Users that join the rewards program from a shared link will earn a bonus for themselves as well as the user who shared the link
  • ​
  • ​ Like – Reward users for Facebook likes
  • What kind of prizes can I give away in my Winlet draws?

    You should give away prizes that relate to your business. (Eg. Restaurants: 1 coffee/day for an entire month, a weekend lunch for 2, or a sponsored wine basket with a $250 gift certificate) The better the prizes you give away and the more people will want to win them and we suggest testing out different promotional giveaways to see which get the most interest. We suggest doing a smaller daily raffle, a medium size weekly raffle and a bigger monthly raffle and an even bigger annual promotion.
  • What type of Winlets are there? I don't want a slot machine

    Winlets never sell coins or pay out money so there is absolutely no gambling involved. Winlets uses gamification mechanics to reward customers through fun and play at no risk to businesses or their customers. There are many types of Winlet templates offered beyond the Slot Machine which include Spin Wheel, Surprise box, Scratch & Win and Flower Farm; new types of Winlet designs are always in our pipeline . If there is a particular type of game you would like for your page, feel free to shoot us an email to  and we may create a custom pick game just for you!
  • I want a Winlet! How do I get one?

    Winlets are scheduled to be released Fall of 2012. To pre-register your business, please go to the home page of our website at to sign up now! Upon registration you will also get an in-depth how-to guide, access to a library of social media strategies, VIP access to workshops, gamification & social media marketing webinars and more. If you would like to be a part of our initial launch, please connect with us on our facebook wall at