Over 90% of people will try to click the banner above? Here is why...

  • Engages Customers Helps drive participation, engagement, and loyalty for business by providing offering a unique platform of content delivery
  • ​Encourages Sharing Targets existing and new clients and gives them reason to share your content through self motivation (Big wins, team quests etc.)
  • Converts Customers Speeds up & potentially lowers CAC (customer acquisition) due to many immediate calls to action on your business page (timed promotions)

    Customers see your new & exciting Winlet on a social network feed such as Facebook and are enticed to play.
  • PLAY
    Customers have fun playing while learning about your business. They hope to win one of the prizes/promotions offered in your Winlet.
  • WIN
    Customers makes a win! A prize tracking code is generated and sent via email or SMS text with instructions for redemption.
    Excited about their win, players share their great fortune with theirfriends so they can be winners too!
    Customers visit your page daily to reload their Winlet play-coin balance so they have a chance to win again!
How do Winlets benefit my business? Gamification is transforming the way businesses engage with customers and motivate employees. By applying these principles that inspire people to play games – achievements, status, and rewards – to your social media campaign your business can dramatically increase the size of their audiences, drive deeper engagement, and ultimately increase revenue through higher conversion rates (online to offline). Gamification can be used in any industry to encourage repeat user and visitor behavior, to promote deeper engagement and ultimately creates a loyal customer.

Why should I use Winlet? Facebook has over 750 million active users and over 500 million (~67%) of those users have played a social game. Nearly 50% of those users are active on a daily basis, 63% play with close friends, 82%t feel more connected to friends and family, 62% reconnect with old friends, 74% make new friends.

While social media adoption in the business world is a mixed bag, it's more of a norm rather than an exception in our personal lives. Merely building a Facebook or Twitter profile and getting few hundreds of Fans/ Followers isn't innovation. In fact, that's the norm amongst businesses these days. Businesses need to think out-of-the-box and come up with never-before social media campaigns that add engagement, retention, storylines and more while also remembering to 'always be selling' (why bother having a social media strategy if it's not converting to real sales)?

Winlets helps add that differentiator to any business page and the "trump" card to any social media efforts by being focused on direct-response marketing rather than brand marketing. Winlets gets your measureable statistics, real time customers, and it's free!

​Need more convincing? Check out our Winlets FAQ's section to learn more.