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Why Poker Coaching is so Important

July 8 Sandra Wong

Why poker coaching is so important

I will let all of you in on a secret, poker coaching is really important for the development of your game. If you want to play this game recreationally, then by all means don’t consider getting any coaching. If you really want to make consistent money in this game, you need the right coaching.

why poker coaching

I was really fortunate to have some great coaching in my career, I was probably annoying to my coach at times but I had to be a sponge and soak up all the information I could! I asked him so many questions, he probably hated seeing my text it email. So many players I know who have been playing the same stakes for years never make any advances in their game and move up stakes. They either are too stubborn to learn (they have played for 20 years and believe their way is the best way), they have too much ego to get better or are just too lazy to do the studying necessary to get better. It takes up a lot of time to put in the work off the felt to better yourself, you also have to find the correct information relevant to the game you play.

The next problem for some players is that they can’t apply what they learn off the felt in the moment they need it. They just freeze up in the situation when it occurs in a live game with real money on the table. It takes time and effort to actually apply the knowledge you gain from being coached. You just have to relax and have confidence in your new acquired skills and apply them the best you can.

Well I hope this latest blog will help you in your learning process. This game is very complex and you never stop learning! You need to keep up with all the changes that are happening and sharpen your skills all the time. The main thing I see now is that players can get better very quickly with all the coaching material that is available to them. There is more coaching than ever in books, blogs, coaching training sites and numerous other materials online. I wish there wasn’t so much information available, it’s better for me if the majority of players stayed bad. What’s fortunate is that it takes a lot of hard work to get really good and most people aren’t willing to put in the effort.

I will sign off for now, best of luck on the felts and may you never be drawing dead.


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