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The Sad State of Poker in Vancouver BC

January 30 Sandra Wong

Well here I am on a Saturday night around midnight grinding the 2/5 at Hard Rock casino in Coquitlam BC. There is one game with no names on the list! This place should have minimum 3 games and a waiting list on the weekends. Surprisingly the game is actually decent tonight, with a few regs and a good number of fish feeding the game. Usually this place is filled up with regulars passing chips to one another reminiscing about how great the game was back in the day while having their face buried in their phone or tablet.

Why is the 2/5 NL scene so weak in Vancouver?

Well there are many reasons and I will go into a few in this blog…

I think the home games have eaten up a lot of the 2/5 player base. Some people just like the vibe at home games better, the games are usually filled with action and less rules and restrictions are in place.

The player base in Vancouver is playing at a really high level for the stakes that they are playing. The best 2/5 players in this city could easily be playing the 5/10 to 10/25 in Las Vegas profitably. Why would any 1/2 grinder want to play in a game filled with decent to very good regulars? When the 2/5 buy in was $500-$1500 very few 1/2 players would make the jump due to financial reasons. Now the buy in is smaller ($200-$800) I STILL do not see many 1/2 regulars making the jump up. They rather grind the 1/2 where the table selection is much better! The 1/2 is still filled with a large pool of bad players and tourists. Lately I find myself even passing on a bad 2/5 game and driving a little further out to play a very soft 1/3 game.

Another reason is the 2/5 regulars are really not making the game fun for the recreational player. They usually are very quiet with their headphones on not really creating a welcoming environment. That’s not even mentioning the short stacking hit and run artists that normally make an appearance in the game. I wish the regs would buy the fish drinks, gamble with the fish more and just make it enjoyable for the fish while they lose their money. Most of the 2/5 regulars are very “clicky” and don’t socialize outside of their group. Why would the fish want to play in that sort of environment?

It’s pretty sad when I look at my Poker Bravo App and see the great number of 2/5 and 5/10 games happening all over North America! My only light at the end of the tunnel is knowing I will be traveling more in the near future and not spending much time in Vancouver playing poker.

What can we do to fix this problem? I’m not too sure but I will say that Vancouver needs to privatize the Poker market. That will make it possible for poker clubs like Playground Poker Club in Montreal to enter the market here in Vancouver. Another hope is that the new Edgewater casino that they are building downtown will actually dedicate a little bit of effort towards poker! I won’t keep my hopes up, we all know too well that BCLC and casino management don’t give a crap about poker in this city.

Well I will sign off for now… In the meantime I hope you are all scooping big pots and never be drawing dead!



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