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Poker in Vancouver, BC. 2015 Update

February 7 Sandra Wong

The sad state of affairs for poker in Vancouver, BC. Canada.

Let me start off by saying that what is going on in this city with poker is truly pathetic. All the casinos are shrinking their poker rooms, there is no tournament events anymore and BCLC/casino owners are proving they do not care about the poker economy in Vancouver.

Why is Alberta booming with big tournament events including Deepstacks and the WPT? Why does Fallsview Casino in Niagara Falls host the WPT? Why are there large poker rooms opening on the East Coast of the United States like Maryland Live? Sugar House in Philadelphia? Not too mention Borgata, Foxwoods and Florida all have healthy poker rooms and economy’s.

vancouver poker

What will it take to get Vancouver back on be map for Poker?

I think privatizing it like Montreal and letting a Private Club like Playground Poker Club open a room somewhere in the lower mainland. I went to Playground this year for the WPT and let me tell you, everything was first class including the customer service, dealers and food. Yes the rake was a bit high but it’s almost worth it if the poker room is REALLY enjoyable to play in. I can honestly say that Playground Poker Club is the best room I have ever played in. Vancouver needs some life injected in the poker scene, it is literally dying a slow death.

In the future, I will be traveling for longer periods of time to play poker. It won’t make that big of difference to me if the poker scene here in Vancouver stays the same. It is my hometown though, so I would like too see it improve here. Let’s all hope for some change soon, but I honestly don’t think anything is going to change for the better. Vancouver wants the high limit gambler from overseas, not the measly poker grinder like myself.

Good luck to all of you and may you never be drawing dead!

– Mike Wiseman –

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