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Central Michel Richard in Caesars Palace Review

September 13 admin
Central Michel Richard in Caesars Palace Review

Central Michel Richard Star Rating

Food:  4 Star Rating
Atmosphere:  4.5 Star Rating
Price:  $$$
Service:  4 Star Rating
Value:  3.5 Star Rating

Central Michel Richard Casino Dining Review – Las Vegas Nevada

Overall: Must Try in Vegas

Central Michel Richard was surprisingly delicious!

The Central Michel Richard menu is huge & the prices are good I think for your higher end westernized cuisine. The burger quality (although much smaller) is comparable to those at BURGR by Gordon Ramsey. I liked how the fries were served in a mini-fry basket and this place is opened 24/7 which makes it a great go-to late night dining place in Las Vegas because there aren’t that many places opened late in Las Vegas surprisingly. The only other options that I currently know about for late night meals in Vegas are Johnny’s Rockets (yuck!) which is by Harrah’s, the Cafe Bellagio, Earl of Sandwich in Planet Hollywood and Ginseng 3 upstairs of the Quad Las Vegas (we call this the late night Pho place!).

The atmosphere at Central Michel Richard is very pleasant and for a 24/7 dining establishment in Las Vegas, they have a great selection of wines and champagne. We really loved the stacked plate art piece as well, you can’t tell in the photo, but in real life it’s at least 15 feet tall!

As quoted:

“Crafted to be not only delicious, but also—in Richard’s own words—“unpretentious and fun,” Central features all of the original Washington, D.C. restaurant’s signature dishes, plus a substantial number of new ones created especially for the Caesars Palace location.”

Central Michel Richard, was a yummy part of my 15lb weight gained that I really want/need to lose. They get extra points for being 24/7 cause Im a night owl & having late night options is a really big deal to me.

Like I always say, if you have to get fat and if you must eat late at night, you might as well get fat eating great food!

Not the cheapest burger place to eat but I think the quality & location, it is fair. We haven’t tried the other food, but they have a huge menu (and the coolest interactive touch-screen menu outside in the Caesar’s Palace Lobby), so let us know if you have eaten here and loved or hated it!

Once your tummy is full, it’s time to play some slots & casino… or maybe do something healthier like go walk the hot Las Vegas Strip and burn off some calories. Dieting in Las Vegas is impossible… believe me, I’ve tried.

Until next time, Omm nom nom!

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