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Pidgin Restaurant Review – Vancouver BC

September 17 LuckyLady
Pidgin Restaurant Review – Vancouver BC

Pidgin Restaurant Star Rating

Food:  5 Star Rating
Atmosphere:  4.5 Star Rating
Price:  4.5 Star Rating
Service:  4.5 Star Rating
Value:  5 Star Rating

Pidgin – Gastown Vancouver – Asian Fusion at it’s Best!

So a friend of mine came into town and after he blew through $4,000 playing Cleopatra Slots at Edgewater Casino in Vancouver BC, we decided he needed something to cheer up spirits.

Before I continue on my Pidgin Restaurant review, I want to tell you a bit about my well-off friend and slots. I wish what I am about to tell you was made up but it’s not. My friend claims he always puts his money on Cleopatra slots because he has never won before! I thought it was quite fascinating how a man as smart and worldly as him gets stuck donating to the same slot machine for over a decade. He has said to have spent over a million around the world on the Cleopatra slot machine. He does not play any other slot machine just that one. Either he is really unlucky or that slot just does not pay out! Just saying…!  My friend is definitely a gambler and his casino game of choice is usually sports betting or roulette. At this rate on the Cleopatra slot machine, he will have to win a mega progressive slots jackpot to break-even!  Anyhow, thought that was interesting. Back to the Pidgin Review at the edge of Gastown.

We decided on dining at Pidgin because it was only 5 minutes away from Edgewater Casino, downtown Vancouver BC. We usually go to Chambar as that is one of my favorite restaurants, but wanted to try something different tonight. Maybe I have a new favorite restaurant now.

I am always up for trying new concept restaurants so if you want me to check one out, be sure to tweet me!

First things first, Pidgin does not serve pigeon!

I don’t know what the name means, but the food here is conceptually beautiful and fun to eat. It was just the 2 of us dining but we ordered like there was no tomorrow. I think our bill came to over $200, but the value and experience was definitely worth it. We even did a double order of Oysters and Wings cause they were THAT good! The flavors were balanced well and the courses were served fresh, hot and timely. I also loved the Pidgin drink menu. Their signature cucumber and gin drink called the PINQ was so refreshing. Definitely order that! Here is the Pidgin drink menu:

Pidgin Drink Menu

Pidgin Drink Menu

The menu seems small but it is well thought out. Unlike our experience with the Spago menu, everything on the Pidgin menu sounded delicious. Oh, and if you are an raw oyster fan, forget Rodney’s Oyster! The oyster shooters at Pidgin are better. (Yeah I said it!) Seriously… we were shocked how good they were. 5 stars for sure!

Everything we tried here was delicious. Dish after dish was innovative, fresh and exciting.

I would definitely eat here again and it is a concept restaurant that is impressive and unexpected. Take a date here. Have drinks with friends… and just make sure you are hungry.

Until next time,

Ommm nomm nomm…! Recommends Pidgin!

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