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Ebo Restaurant – Grand Villa Casino Food Review

September 26 LuckyLady
Ebo Restaurant – Grand Villa Casino Food Review

Ebo Restaurant Star Rating

Food:  3 Star Rating
Atmosphere:  5 Star Rating
Price:  $$$
Service:  5 Star Rating
Value:  2.5 Star Rating

Ebo Restaurant – Beautiful hotel restaurant in Burnaby

Ebo Restaurant is located in the Grand Villa Casino in Burnaby BC. When you enter the main casino / Delta hotel doors on Dominion Street, you go up the escalators and instead of going left into the Casino, you go right. Upon first impression, I thought Ebo was an asian tapas place but it is not. It is a mix of American / Canadian Pacific Northwest fusion style food. They do very original & beautiful plating and the seafood at Ebo Restaurant is delicious.

I found that the appetizers were a bit small, and some of the appetizer dishes a bit oily. When the food arrives it does look quite exciting.

“A Burnaby destination where local ingredients and true passion find a fresh direction. Experiences beyond ordinary at e.b.o. Restaurant.”

The Ebo Restaurant menu caters to all meals featuring gluten-free means breakfast, lunch dinner, desserts, lounge/drinks and even set dinner menus for $45.

Children under 6 years old eat breakfast for free at Ebo Restaurant, which is nice little touch to make a casino atmosphere a bit more family friendly.

The seating at Ebo Restaurant

I personally love the seating arrangement and restaurant design of Ebo Restaurant. It’s a great place to go for a quiet coffee and drink away from crowds. I like how they have different sections that cater to dining, casual bar and a seating area. I have done much work and meetings outside of the Ebo Restaurant where they have extension seating that also serves food. This area overlooks the entrance of the Delta Hotel lobby and has lots of natural light. I would probably say this is one of my favorite places for a casual business meeting. Right downstairs is Starbucks Coffee, which leads to my next point about Ebo Restaurant service.

The service at Ebo Restaurant is excellent

I have been here about 5 times now, and consistently the service has been good. One day, a colleague of mine and I ordered some coffee. For some reason there was something wrong with the coffee at Ebo Restaurant so they offered to get us Starbucks coffee from downstairs. The service staff took the liberty to go get us a fresh brewed pot of Starbucks along with all the condiments such as soy milk and flavors. We were happy!

This other time, after our meal, the server gave us hand made chocolates with our bill. Great… but what was extra great was that these chocolates were so good, my guests and I asked if we could purchase some to take home. The server, gave us extras for free and with a smile! Brilliant… how could I not love Ebo Restaurant now?

I haven’t been to Ebo Restaurant for their breakfast buffet, but I have read some mixed reviews on it. The food is not particularly the best and again, the value rating is not that great.

I think this place is a place you go for a nice coffee or drink date after playing in the casino. Their main clientele seems to be travelers staying at Delta Hotel that do not want to travel too far to find food. This area really does not have many good food options, but I think if they want more local business they should try to create better value.

The atmosphere is nice, and the restaurant is generally very slow in patrons which means you can always get a seat. This could be due to the fact that the prices are very high and the value is just not there. Vancouver is a eating city, so if they want to compete with other restaurants, Ebo Restaurant might want to take this into consideration.

I personally like that they are not that busy because that means I always have my favorite seat open.

Tip! Try the nougat dessert! Yum!

Ommm nomm nomm… likes Ebo Restaurant!

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