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Zynga Poker Hack – Unlimited Chips or Gold

September 4 LuckyLady
Zynga Poker Hack – Unlimited Chips or Gold

Is the Zynga Poker Hack for Unlimited Chips & Gold


More and more people are looking for freebies when it comes to games such as the popular Zynga Poker. These hacks and specifically the Zynga Poker Hack is real and most do work. However, some of these hacks you need to be careful with as they are scams to actually hack into your actual account. The best way to prevent this is to not use a Zynga Poker Hack in the first place.  If you must use a hack and just can’t resist, read lots of user forums and don’t be the first to install a hack.

How does the Zynga Poker  Hack for Unlimited Chips & Gold work?

Most will have you download an executable file and then you install as you would any other software. Once you install the Zynga Poker Hack software, you will select the options you want. Then once you have selected, go and refresh your account on your Facebook page. Your new coins and gold should appear just like that.

Can you sell your Zynga Poker chips?

Most people want more Zynga Poker Chips so that they can sell them them. There are many chip resellers online and the process to sell your chips according to GagaChips goes as follows:

Step 1: Talk to our agents or fill the form above and discuss a proper price and amount of chips
Step 2: We will review your inquire and decide if the offer is good or renegotiate another offer
Step 3: We will accord the price and a payment method and we will go along with the delivery of chips and payment

Zynga poker hack

Zynga poker hack

Hacking games is stealing from the game companies and there have been consequences

Here are some news clips about the Zynga poker free chips and gold hacks:

Two years in jail for Zynga poker hacker

29-year-old Ashley Mitchell has received two years in a UK slammer after being found guilty of hacking into a computer server, and stealing 400 billion (yes, BILLION) virtual poker chips from Zynga, makers of popular social networking games such as zyngapoker, FarmVille and MafiaWars.

The poker chips’ estimated worth? An eye-watering $12 million (£7.4 million). Mitchell made just over £50,000 from selling a third of the chips. Had he continued, it’s estimated he could have made in excess of $290,000 (£184,000).

Hacker group Anonymous threatens to target Zynga and Facebook

The hacker group Anonymous revealed plans to target social gaming company Zynga and Facebook today, posting information about “Phase 1” of an attack on both companies on its website, which it says has already started.

Moral of the Zynga Poker Hack Story: Be careful, and don’t get too greedy or you might get caught!

SOURCE: Sophos, Polygon, GagaChips

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