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Social Casino Gaming and Teenagers?

October 13 LuckyLady

Do teenagers matter when it comes to social casino games?

Because of the fast rise of companies such as Double Down Casino, Zynga Texas Hold’em and Slotomania, the words social gaming has been the buzz word in the casino industry in recent years. So what is going on with companies in the social gaming space outside of social casinos? Has everything moved over to mobile? What is in the future of social games as a whole?

Calvin Ayre writer, Lee Davy looks into this topic and talks about the teenage game players market on Facebook and the social games industry as a whole. The article cites that teenagers using Facebook for social media is falling. Why is this relevant to social games? and more importantly, why is it relevant to social casino games?

“It’s thought that the teenager consumer segment is worth a staggering $819bn, with over half of the teenagers polled during the Piper Jaffrey survey saying that the habit of keeping up with the Joneses, on social media circles, very definitely influences where to spend that $819bn of mummy and daddy’s money.

If people want to sell a product via Facebook – and this includes social games – then the teenage market is a pretty impressive one. Furthermore, when we talk about monetization of gambling type games aren’t our teenagers the future gambling market?”

The growth of Facebook has also been it’s undoing, especially where the teenagers are concerned. Grandparents, parents and even those dirty uncles all have access to read your status updates, post on your wall and send you irritating messages to play Candy Crush and Texas Hold’em Poker…JUST F**K OFF!

Is targeting teenagers for social casino game players preparing a future market?

Here are some social gaming facts:

  • Average age of a mobile gamer is 28.2 years old
  • The average social gamer is 39 years old
  • 54% of social gamers are male vs. 46% are female
  • 2/3 of mobile gamers are less than 45 years old
  • Mobile gamers make up 22% of all US gamers
  • 87% of boys with access to mobile devices play games on them, compared to 80% of girls
  • 25% of adults hear about new games through social media sites
  • 50% of mobile gamers learn about new games from friends and family
  • 13.24 million monthly active users play “Casino Related Games” social games1


SOURCE: Socialnomics, Calvin Ayre, Skillz

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