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Can Social Casino Gamers Convert to Real Money Gambling?

September 7 LuckyLady

Can real money gambling operators find a new market / player source from social games?

“Certainly looking at the way in which traditional gambling companies have fallen over themselves to jump on the social bandwagon and the contra move by social companies to engage with real money offerings it would seem that many people think that there is a real over-lap and cross-over between social and real.

The initial data from social operators suggested that there was a huge parallel between not only the games offered on social and real gambling platforms, but also the player profile – especially in relation to slot style games. ” says Christina Thakor-Rankin via

Real Money Social Gaming

Real Money Social Gaming: A Gamble

Social network gaming providers are looking into real money gaming

Big social media gaming companies such as Zynga (maker’s of Farmville & Castleville) has partnered with (Party Casino) and launched real money in the UK early 2013. By July 2013, Zynga has decided to withdraw from real-money gambling in the US. “Piper Jaffray analyst Michael Olson said turning away from RMG licenses in the United States may be the right decision, but it will turn away several investors.”

Also in unknown territory, Facebook has open it’s doors to real money gaming in the UK, and Betable has created a business model around taking free-to-play games and making it into real money with only a few lines of code.

The days of the social games funnel pouring users into real money is still early and data conclusions are unbeknownst to developers on both sides of the fence.  No one seems to know how to tread this territory and only time will tell what will come to fruition over the next few years.

Casino players have different motivation & triggers for play

Casino players on social games are looking for a much different experience than the casino players of real money gaming. While a social gamer is looking to play for entertainment and simply enjoy casino games for ‘fun’, they may not ever put a cent in and are ok with never ‘winning’ money or cashing out. Gamblers of real money however, want to win money, take more chances and be able to somehow create an edge over the casino.

SOURCE: Calvin Ayre, Reuters

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