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Millennials and the Casino Industry – Luck vs. Skill Gaming

May 8 Sandra Wong

You can play for REAL Money in Kash Karnival

  • Sept 2016 reports on hybrid casino model…

“With the success of our social casino, we now have enough confidence and customer data to take this next logical step towards a real money version,” says Digital Marketing Strategist, Michael Moretti, “Although a skill gaming social casino does enhance the gambling experience, to truly be a casino game players should be able to profit monetarily from their skill gaming wins. They need to win money. Players who enjoy the risk of gambling are much more enticed by monetary reimbursement. Now skill players can enjoy the same risk reward.”

The real money version of the Kash Karnival will allow users to cash-out the winnings for real cash through a novel new feature called “Pixels Kash Out”. Pixels Kash Out allows skill gamers to safely bet on skill games and to cash-out their winnings securely at any time of their choosing to their nominated bank accounts. This will once again be a world’s first in innovating on real money skill casino games.

The new real money Kash Karnival is expected to be released in 2017 with a completely new version of the app allowing players the opportunity to collect money from the winnings they make in both skill games or casino games. This new Kash Karnival will most likely have tighter algorithms around Return-to-Player (RTP) formulas, but at last players will be able to bet and win real money with skill gaming.


More backstory and related news on real money Kash Karnival…

Game design fundamentals: Easy to play games, difficult to master. Essentially bet on your skill level, and if you can make it to the top, you can grab the cash jackpot.

Millennials and the casino industry still making headlines. This article is a look into Royal Wins – Kash Karnival and related news of hybrid skill casino gaming.

Is skill enough to beat the odds in hybrid skill-based casino?

The Rise and Rise of the Millennials

The casino industry is currently facing the same situation as Kodak famously found itself in the late ‘90s. A choice between capturing a new market or continuing with the current demographic. With 30% of the global workforce being millennials in 2016 and predictions of that number increasing to 50% by 2020, there is no better time to be targeting this new, younger market with a product they want. With the rise of millennials comes the rise of skill gaming.

You will see some keynotes talking about this topics and expounding the virtues, successes and results of skill gaming and how it represents the future of the iGaming industry (together with Fantasy eSports), particularly in attracting the lucrative millennial market. Blasonato, Royal Wins Creative Director, intends to deliver a strong message to the summit delegates and industry executives to change and adapt with the times – to support, collaborate and work with regulators and operators in supporting the advancement of pure skill gaming.

“In many cases, Millennials are not compelled by the design or gaming content offered in traditional slots,” says Blasonato, “Slot machine suppliers should be looking at new types of platforms that share the same benefits of tablets or mobile devices, and also at new forms of content that may have a perceived level of skill, competition, or social game play mechanics.”

Is the casino industry looking for what Balsonato is preaching? a fun and entertaining experience that isn’t purely based on chance.

On other social media related news, Royal Wins’ latest marketing campaign titled, “Bring Home the Bacon”, has launched across Facebook and Instagram social media channels. The campaign focuses on young casual game players who all desire a bit of easy and fun pocket money instead of slaving away at a boring office desk job. It presents an opportunity to millennial players make a side income by playing games of skill on the Kash Karnival. The campaign draws a distinction between earning a wage at the comfort of your own home by playing Kash Karnival skill games in comparison to working long hours at an office through the two virtual characters, George and Millie.

kash-karnival-skill based casino

What is a skill hybrid casino?

Since its inception in 2014, Sydney-based, start-up gaming studio, Royal Wins, has been hard at work pioneering hybrid skill gaming in the online casino sector. Their pride and joy, the Kash Karnival, is a freemium online gaming hub available on Facebook landing page (can’t play, as you can only play on Google Play) that boasts a hybrid betting experience for both skill and casino style gaming.

The popularity of skill gaming is evident in the Kash Karnival, as gamers move away from traditional and often times predictable casino games, towards more entertaining, exciting and casual skill games that allows gamers to bet and win on various elements of skill. One of the mos t unique features of the Kash Karnival is that users can convert their virtual winnings into real item prizes through the app’s “Kash Store”– redeeming anything from the latest gadgets and electronics, to fashion accessories, homeware and sport items. This is something that no other social free-to-play casino is offering and the ability to redeem virtual currency for real item prizes is a strong attractor to social casino players, male and female.

The Kash Karnival Ads boast…

Your Skill. Your Fortune.

The Kash Karnival Casino is the #1 skill hybrid casino hub that lets you win real money and earn rewards and prizes. Experience the fun and excitement of skill arcade and puzzle games with unique betting elements. Win huge jackpots in all your favorite casino games with entertaining skill bonus features. Win more the better you are!

Join Mojikan and his friends in the two modes of the Kash Karnival Casino:
Play to win REAL MONEY with Kash Coins and earn Kash Rewards for playing to redeem real item prizes.

Play for fun with the FREE Remo Coins and earn daily rewards and smash jackpots. Is skill enough to beat the odds?

Love playing games, like Match 3 and Puzzle games, but not getting any real rewards for your skill?

Skill District…

* Easy to play, but oh-so-hard to master casual skill games with instant wins for every level you clear
* Range of games to choose from to fit your mood and skill level
* Multiple power-ups and gems to help you smash Royal Win Jackpots
* 4 difficulty modes with bigger and bigger jackpots
* Stories and cut scenes that will immerse you further with fantastical and lovable characters

Tired of playing the same ol’ casino games with the standard bonus features?

Adventure Casino…

* Fun-filled skill bonus features where you can control how much you win in jackpots, free games and multipliers
* BIGGER payout chances with Wild multipliers, Wild & Scatter symbols, free spins and more!


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