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Casino Hacking: Man Uses Software Bug to Win Video Poker

August 21 LuckyLady

If there is a casino leak, someone will find it and they did just that in video poker machines…

This is just what happened on one of the common video poker machines in Vegas by Game King Poker, one of the top video poker slot machine brands. A local by the name of John Kane managed to crack the button code on machine 50102 to win a string of big payouts so big it required attendant pay and IRS paperwork. He did not do it by cheating, but rather stumbled upon a programming error in the video poker machines.

Game King Video Poker Hack

Game King Video Poker Hack


There they discovered the secret behind Kane’s lucky streak: he was exploiting a previously-unknown firmware bug present in the Game King and nine other IGT machines – one that had been hidden for seven years.

“All these guys did is simply push a sequence of buttons that they were legally entitled to push.”

Read exactly how they figured it out the video poker hack at Wired.

Very interesting as this guy was noted to have found the bug by accident because he played a lot of video poker, over millions of play recorded per year. That really is a lot of video poker, even at max bet.

Very rarely can one find bugs like that in machines, and if they do, most video poker players will try their best to conceal it so that they can keep winning long-term. The problem is when people start getting greedy, then that is usually when people get caught or when the casinos catch on… which is exactly the cause of what happened in this scenario.

SOURCE: Wired, TechDirt

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