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Slots News

Slots News features the top casino and online slots headlines in the world by the gaming industry’s top news sources. Slots are the most iconic and recognizable casino game symbol in the world and is played by country with a casino. Slot machine games grow in popularity daily. Along with it’s many themes, bonus game options and accessibility of where you can now play them, slots news is one of the hottest topics in the online casino gaming space.

Find out what is happening in the slot machine world, what’s hot in slots in popular casino destinations around the world and where the best and newest slot innovations online are. This section we curate top slots news from casinos, government regulators, slot providers, industry experts, gambling news sources, slot machine players and social casino gamers and put it all in one convenient place for you.

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Book of Ra – Slots Game

Novoline Book of RA is a 5 reels slot game. The original or classic version of the game offers 9 pay[...]

Bwin Party’s Win Slots Craze

Real money gaming B.Win Party goes social with Slots Craze Slot Craze is another big real-money slot[...]

Roulette Slots: The Crack Cocaine of Gambling

The Scourage of Slots in the UK is geting out of hand Gambling has been an integral part of British [...]

Casino Hacking: Man Uses Software Bug to Win Video Poker

If there is a casino leak, someone will find it and they did just that in video poker machines…[...]

M Resort closes poker room to make space for slot-tourneys

Slots really is the most popular casino VIP! Being a poker player… this kind of news make me c[...]

Sands Casino Slots Jackpot Forfeited Because of Winner’s Age

Too young to play slots legally, New York man forfeits at least $1,200 and is arrested.  A man hit [...]

Slots Cancellation Hits Horse Racing Industry Hard

Slots aren’t just important to a casino’s bottom line, but an economy stimulant that man[...]

Zynga announces goodbye to Zynga Slingo on Facebook

Zynga has quietly announced the closure of Zynga Slingo on Facebook. While Zynga Slingo has over 3.5[...]
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