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Social Game Design: Engagement Analysis of Clash of Clans

Why is Clash of Clans so addictive and fun? A really super smart colleague of mine named Kevin Oke, [...]

Free-to-play set to take off on consoles?

Is Free 2 play is no longer just for social networks and mobile apps…? What is the future in c[...]

Mental Health: Entrepreneurs Living on the Edge

Jason Bailey from Eastside Games, the perfect poster child for mental health? This article caught my[...]

‘Whale’ Social Game’s Big Spenders Metrics Analysis

Social and Mobile Game Whales: Big Consumer Talk Many people, referring to the general public that i[...]

Casino Hacking: Man Uses Software Bug to Win Video Poker

If there is a casino leak, someone will find it and they did just that in video poker machines…[...]

Game Design: How to Design Effective Achievements

In-game achievements are a hot topic in the gaming industry. Otherwise known as badges or gamificati[...]

DoubleDown Casino Launches World’s First Cross-Platform Video Poker Tournament

Video Poker Tournaments are new and people are crazy about them! Leave it up to an slots innovator l[...]

Offshore Gambling Firms Face £300 Million tax bill

Gambling companies who operate to UK markets but are based offshore are to be hit with a £300 milli[...]

M Resort closes poker room to make space for slot-tourneys

Slots really is the most popular casino VIP! Being a poker player… this kind of news make me c[...]

Insider Q&A: Plants vs. Zombies 2 designers David Paul & Jeremy Vanhoozer

Ok, is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t love the game Plants vs. Zombies? Plants beware[...]
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