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Mobile App News

The mobile apps industry is ever-growing, and seemingly every week someone in the apps industry is releasing data or a new study showing the size of the app market. With some sources saying the market is around a currently $5 Billion dollar growing to $25 Billion in the next four-years, and others saying the market is already over $10 billion dollars, the general consensus of this industry is that it is BIG and it’s just getting BIGGER.

Smart phones and mobile app devices are everywhere and the growth of adopt-ability of these devices shows no signs of slowing down. According to some reports as much as 85% of US adults use a cell phone and almost 50% of those have apps. With numbers like this it is hard to avoid the fact that mobile apps are the future of gaming. In this section, we focus and curate the latest & most interesting mobile app news of all kinds.

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Insider Q&A: Plants vs. Zombies 2 designers David Paul & Jeremy Vanhoozer

Ok, is there anyone on the planet that doesn’t love the game Plants vs. Zombies? Plants beware[...]
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