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Mental Health: Entrepreneurs Living on the Edge

August 24 LuckyLady

Jason Bailey from Eastside Games, the perfect poster child for mental health?

This article caught my eye immediately. I have been told for some time that I have ADD, ADHD, listening problems and I know personally that I have problems being happy, mentally unstable etc. This article pretty much hit the nail on the head and interestingly enough, is a local publication and features a CEO that I personally know, hung out with, and that Benson Wong has worked for at Eastside Games. If you know Jason Bailey (which most people in the social game industry does), you would know he has turrets, looks like a bum, says whatever is on his mind… but that’s just on the surface. This man is multi-levels deep, and clearly he’s bright (and probably, ‘one of the smartest people in the world’ and I’ve met many). He has an interesting presence and makes me feel like he’s thinking 2-steps ahead of me all the time and that I should just not talk cause he already knows what I am going to say. He walks around with a ‘I don’t give a shit’ attitude… probably not on purpose, and clearly he has a big ego – the reason why he is where he is today. Jason is not an asshole at all, he’s blunt, but he is kind, genuine, authentic, friendly, welcoming…  I feel like I am writing his obituary here rather than about the mental health article, but the man is very interesting indeed and a character like no other.

Ok, enough about Mr. Bailey… let’s talk about you, me and our mental health as an entrepreneur with ADHD:

Successful entrepreneurs aren’t like most people. They’ve made their mark in the world because their thought processes don’t follow predictable paths. But at what point does “thinking outside the box” become a mental disorder? Local entrepreneurs who have skated close to that thin line share their stories

This article is a must-read for any aspiring entrepreneur, especially for those in start-ups because the highs and lows can be quite extreme from one day to the next. Before I give you the full article link, one last tidbit by the larger than life, Jason Bailey…

Mental illness in all of its guises—addiction, depression, mania and psychosis—is a serious health issue. I point to the streets outside Eastside Games’ West Hastings Street studio, where many victims of mental illness less fortunate than Bailey struggle for daily food and shelter. “What stops you from being like those guys?” I ask him. He fixes me with a baleful stare. “Luck.”

Continue reading here, it might just save your company and relationships.

Also, if you don’t know what EastSide Games is, they made a game called POTFARM. Think Zynga Farmville, but instead of growing veggie and fruit crops, you grow weed. They make other games such as NomNom Combo, Dragon Up, MightyBots, I Like Slots, but that Pot Farm is their biggest hit so far.

SOURCE: BC Business

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