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Gaming Entrepreneur

Someone once told me that to running a start-up is like ‘jumping out of a plane, and being told to build a house on the way down!‘. While casino and game start-up companies are definitely challenging for even the most seasoned business veteran, it helps to have great resources at your fingertips. This section features inspiring entrepreneur news headlines, motivational videos, inspiring TED talks by the greatest minds in business, work-life-balance, funding & start-up accelerator news and so much more.

Being a great entrepreneur is not just a career choice one chooses, it is a personality trait. Those that succeed know that it takes a great amount of work and skill to make it happen. Along the way to success, whatever the measurement of success may be, one must never give up, learn to pivot, listen to what the market wants, be open to change, be open to growth, have faith and the list goes on and on and on. This list is the type of gaming entrepreneur news stories we will cover here with you because it is the same news we read to get us through the tough times.

If you are also a start-up entrepreneur, be sure to connect with us on Facebook & Twitter and share with us the top news and advice blogs that have helped you. We would love to read them.

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