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Crown Casino China Violation Arrests

November 25 Sandra Wong

The Federal Government has been formally notified of the arrest of three Australian Crown employees who were detained last month on suspicion of violating strict Chinese gambling regulations.

Key points:

  • Julie Bishop confirms arrests on suspicion of gambling
  • No details released yet from defence lawyers, Crown or China’s public security ministry
  • In Chinese law, anyone who “runs a gambling house or makes gambling his profession” can face up to three years in prison

After more than five weeks behind bars, the three employees of Crown Resorts Ltd were formally arrested on Friday (local time) “on suspicion of gambling”, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said at a briefing.

James Packer’s Crown casino plans for Barangaroo threatened by China arrests

You think he had just Mariah Carey to worry about…

Xi Jinping has added yet another thorn to James Packer’s Crown. Packer and his senior Crown Entertainment executives should have seen the looming problems.

Almost three years ago, shortly after the Chinese president launched a massive corruption crackdown, gambling revenues through Macau plummeted.

Chinese put an end to ‘whale’ hunting

In a bid to make up the shortfall, Crown upped its efforts to lure well-heeled Chinese gamblers – known in the trade as “whales” – to Australia. A strategy that, until late last week, appeared to be paying enormous dividends.

According to the company’s most recent filings, VIP turnover in the Australian casinos – which include Melbourne and Perth – soared 42 per cent last year to $71 billion.


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