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Inside the Galaxy Macau Casino where Min.Bet is $1.6 Million

September 3 LuckyLady

Galaxy Macau Casino is as VIP High-Roller as you can get on planet earth…

If you want VIP & high roller lifestyle, there is very few places on the planet Earth that match up with Galaxy Macau Casino. It’s China’s Sky 32, located on the 32nd floor of the Galaxy Macau, is one of the most elite VIP lounges you will ever see. Boasting skyline views, sparkley diamond chandeliers and casino gaming rooms where high roller patrons must commit to a minimum 10 million yuan buy-in, (that’s ~ $1.6 Million USD) – according to news source Bloomberg.

Galaxy Macau: Casino High Roller VIP At Night

Galaxy Macau by Night

The Galaxy Macau Casino features 600 gaming tables, 250 world class suites and sets its niche target market towards the wealthiest.

The Galaxy Macau is a mega-casino resort situated on the Cotai Strip and is said to cost nearly $2 Billion USD to build.

Revenues of the Galaxy Macau however proved to be a great investment as March 2013 raked in over $3.9 Billion Dollars, according to Bloomberg.  “Now, the high-rollers are coming back to Macau, which raked in $38 billion in revenue last year, more than six times that of the Las Vegas strip.”

Everything in the Galaxy Macau is beautiful as you can imagine.

Some featured attractions of Galaxy Macau casino include:

  • Fortune Diamond Fountain: A fountain turns into a giant roulette wheel and while spinning a giant diamond rises out of the water top. Wow…What?
  • Wishing Crystals Pool: When all the crystals are activated by motion sensors, good luck symbols flash from the crystals and reflect in the water as guests walk by

Guess where my next casino trip is going to be? Oh yeah…in my dreams! 

Have you ever visited the Galaxy Macau? Let us know how your experience was and what you thought in the comments below. Heck…if you been there, tweet us and let us know personally!

SOURCE: Bloomberg, WikiPedia Commons

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