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Video Poker Tournaments: Hot New Game

August 19 LuckyLady

Video poker tournaments, similar to slots tournaments, is a very new concept to casino gaming but proves to be a super fun and exciting for it’s players!

In Video poker tournament, players have the goal of scoring the most points against other players. Generally, how video poker tournaments work is that each player is allowed 5 to 10 minutes to play video poker, apply their video poker strategy and score enough points to win money by beating the other players in points. Because the time span a player is allowed to play per tournament is short, the variance of the game is quite high, making results highly dependent on luck a big percentage of time.

Video Poker Tournaments

Video Poker

Video Poker Tournaments Strategy

During longer length video poker tournaments that allow 20 minutes per video poker player, a fast player can get in about 500 hands. This may seem like a good number, but because of a royal flush only happens 1 in 40,000 hands, a player is very unlikely to hit one. Odds for 1 in 40,000 means that they will only see a royal 1 in every 80 tournaments they played and that assumes that there are that many video poker tournaments available, and that they play optimal strategy the entire time. Some say that if you do a strategy that favors a royal flush, and ALWAYS hold royal flush cards, you will increase your chances of hitting a royal flush in video poker to almost half the time. ~ 1 in 20,000 hands.

Video poker tournaments require you to hit a certain amount of points to even finish in the money. If you end up short a few points, or a few thousand points, you get no money, so optimal strategy would be to do an all-or-nothing strategy and go for the win!

The secret is to get lucky, and get lucky often!

Now who wants to play video poker tourney? I do… I do… now if only I can find one at a casino close to me.

Current issues with video poker tournaments

It would take a big casino to run a video poker tournament as you would need quite a few machines and the staff would have to be very organized. All new tourneys in a casino are choas if no one knows what is going on. This happened to me at my first open-face chinese poker tournament at the Aria this year.

Video poker tournaments are so new there are no existing systems to use. Casinos could mimic slots tourneys and run their video poker tournaments in a similar fashion.

What would the buy-in be for a video poker tournament? How much money would you pay to play?

Have you every played video poker tournaments?

Is video poker tournaments offered at a casino near you? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter how you fared and how the experience went.



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