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Useful Guide: How To Play Slots

August 25 Sandra Wong

Useful Guide: How To Play Slots

A breakdown of basic and not so basic rules of online slots, the strategies, symbols and waypointers for complete beginners at

A Complete Guide to Playing Online Slots From A to Z

Every once in a while hear a story of Mega Moolah Winner, like a €17,879,645 win not so long ago by Betway’s customer Jon Henwood and wonder just how those people do it? This Lucky Lady Games Casino Blog portion explains how the most popular type of online gambling game works in a simple and effective way.

Just for motivational purposes, this is what The Mirage Casino Hotel in Las Vegas looks like:

Slots - how to guide - brad pitt - oceans

Everything started with land-based casinos that had boxes featuring three reels. These reels would spin uncontrollably and at times randomly presented a winning combination across the three reels. Getting three symbols of a kind meant getting a reward.

With time everything evolved. Slots machines today are safe little creeks of delight that create completely new worlds. Think of them as Total Submersion Virtual Reality headsets. Many, many reels, sometimes more than a thousand ways to win, progressive jackpots, winning multipliers… Add to that online slots, which is a completely different world with its own laws. If you’ve seen the Matrix you have a pretty good understanding of the concept of gambling today already, but here’s a guide to completely understanding what online slots are. This by no means an exhaustive guide: check out more information on how they work, the official version and our reputable friends’ version.

We’ll also spare you the history (live in the now!). Just in case though, there’s a step-by step breakdown here.

Online Slots: What They Are

An online slot machine is a machine designed for gambling in a casino. The first slot machines included three reels. When you push a button, the reels start to spin. With time, as technology picked up, the number of reels increased, and so did the number winning of combinations. First you would see slot machines every now and then at gas stations and pharmacies as owners installed them for passive income. As the machines quickly started to pay for themselves as people got a whiff of adventurous play, their numbers increased and soon grand casinos were built that housed thousands of machines under one roof, surrounded by luxurious environments and hot coin waitresses. As time went on, more and more profit was to be gained from these machines, so casino managers started to develop the technological side of things with a view to gain even more profit from its customers, and slot machines started to make appearances on the internet. The basic principle was the same: hit a button, reels spin, with luck you win and the money is transferred to you electronically. Some people prefer online slots because they’re more comfortable, no-one distracts you, there is no smoke, shouting or having to spend money and time to drive to the venue.

What Types of Slots Are Out There?

Classic slots are the slots that everything began with. They resemble their ancestors the most. Some people feel nostalgic about the good old days, and the way these are designed helps bring back the memories. They are capable of generating high payouts even though they are not very sophisticated in terms of features.

Video slots are more contemporary. Usually they have 5 reels. These days there is an option of choosing one particular line and betting a selected amount of coins on it. The number of lines is unlimited. These lines are called Paylines. There are 5 Paylines in this example.

Video slots are massively popular due to huge amount of enhancements they come with, which means that their providers allocate more money to their improvement and upgrades constantly. Think about the first Mortal Kombat and Need for Speed games as they appeared back in the day, and how much money was spent on their development since they started gaining popularity. There are all sorts of added pleasures here. Typically video slots mean Free Spins and Bonus Games.

Progressive slots feature a progressive jackpot. There are many players on a linked network of progressive slots. When one of them plays a game, a percentage of the money goes toward a jackpot, which keeps growing until someone gets it. Progressive jackpots are typically quite large because they are often played across large crowds of people, often millions. At the point when one lucky guy wins the prize the amount goes back to zero and everything begins again. These are the main types of slots.

Quick Recap

  • Payline: a line goes through a symbol on every reel or a combination of reel, and if the player placed a bet on that combination before hitting the Spin button, he wins.
  • Free Spins: A bonus feature that allows a certain amount of spins for free, with real prizes.
  • Bonus Games take a player onto a new screen in which he plays a game round, which is started by certain symbols or combinations of symbols in the regular game. A Bonus Game is a game within a game, with interactive features and impressive graphics and sound. Bonus Rounds are often a decisive factor when player choose games for regular play, because bonus games offer the most prizes and rewards.

Danger! Information overload.

We won’t highjack you into the Matrix straight away (this is a Basic Training Guide, nothing too fancy), but in case you’re into rocket science, here’s a complete list of terms. After all, fail to prepare=prepare to fail. Joking aside, this list is actually very useful.

Why Are Slots So Popular?

Slots are officially the most in-demand type of game in the online world. Why? They’re not scary or complicated, the rules are mostly simple and straightforward, and if you your life is complicated enough and you just want to unwind with no nonsense, they are just the thing.

Sit down, bet, hit the button and win—no strings attached. Slots are also good for socially awkward people and professionals who do not want to be distracted. People have been known to make huge sums of money by investing pennies. So why not give it a go?

So you already know how it goes. The procedure is pretty straightforward.

  1. Bet the amount and hit the Spin button.
  2. Watch as the reels slow down and come to a halt and symbols appear on the reels.
  3. If symbols form winning combinations, the player is awarded a prize.

How do you know which combinations win? A Paytable is a collection of winning combinations and the payouts. It can be found by clicking on the respective symbol on the screen. Usually Paytabes are not very complex, although with some 3D slots Paytables can be quite tough to handle as they roll over a few pages of text. This is a basic Paytable:

While we are on the subject, among the contents you will frequently find Wilds and Scatters. In simple terms, a Wild is pretty much the same as a Joker in cards. You’re lucky if one shows up because it substitutes for any symbol (except for a Scatter). In certain games Wilds are also capable of multiplying winnings. Scatters can do that too, as well as unlocking special features. Scatters lead to unlocking special features. By the way, they don’t have to appear in any particular place or in any set order (like on a Payline). Just as long as they are there you benefit. 2 or more scatters mean a win of some kind, be it a Bonus Game that takes you to a separate screen, Free Spins or more.

Quick Recap

  • Wilds are like Jokers in a card game: they substitute for any symbol.
  • Scatters unlock cool stuff.
  • Paytables are the Tables of Contents accessible from within the game in case you need to decode symbols you don’t know.

Playing Slots For Free

Before you decide you fell head over heels in love with slots and start getting serious, why not try playing for free? Just go to the right section and enjoy the selection of your favourite games, and, most importantly, have fun before you commit.


For any issues related to games not loading or any wishes or improvement or anything you would like to see on our website, let us know and we will do our best to implement the changes as soon as possible.

Bet Sizes

Now that you are familiar with the terms more or less, here’s how to make the first step:

Your bet amount will cost you a total of number of coins multiplied by coin size multiplied by a number of coins. Choosing a sensible strategy is the key here (more on budgeting like a normal person below). Coin size will vary and can be anything from a penny or ten pennies up. Choosing one particular Payline before you bet will mean that you will only get the win that happens on that particular Payline. The amount of coins you select will multiply the bet amount and the number of Paylines you choose will multiply the chances of success.

BET MAX does exactly what is says on the tin, setting all parameters to the maximum. Seems appropriate in some situations, especially for high rollers, but, really, the more sensible strategy is to bet selectively and alter your tactics according to the outcome, and staying as far away from betting it all in one go as possible. Which leads us to…

Managing Your Bankroll

No-one wants they customers bankrupt and repossessing their homes. Casinos are about having fun. Now, some will say that it gambling is dangerous, but so is everything else when taken to the extreme. The key is to be sensible, cool-headed, and follow the rules. Like the professionals do:

Gambling in any form is about entertainment, and making it an addiction takes all the fun out of it. Therefore what matters is being in control and not letting the game control you.

  • Set a bank size before you embark on a journey and when you hit the end of it, walk away.
  • Don’t bet all in one go no matter what you do.
  • Choose a game that works best for you. For example, if you’re new, try Roulette or Blackjack where rules are not too sophisticated. Obviously, sitting down at a professional poker game or some of the complex version of 3D Slots with many complex rules, without knowing them would be a bad idea.

Now you’re all set. Latest and greatest are all stacked up here. Be sure to pass a message on to our support staff if something isn’t to your liking or for to show appreciation. And be safe!


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