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Slots Strategy 101: Must Read for Slots Players

August 2 admin

Slots Strategy 101: Game of Chance

First off, if you are going to play slots you need to understand that slot machines are a game of chance and most likely always will be. This is the appeal of slot machines, and generally should be played for entertainment sake, rather than as a source of income. Unless you are playing video poker, chances are that any slots strategy or slots tips you use is advice that should be taken with a grain of salt.

Slots Strategy: Can you  make money at playing slots?

Slots Strategy: Can you make money at playing slots?

With that said however, while there aren’t any guaranteed, long term strategies to winning in slot machines there are definitely slots strategy tips that may help you maximize your slots bankroll.  Check out our article about Winning Penny Slots if you are looking for specific strategy.

If you ever been to a casino you will notice that many slot machines are associated with marketing that includes luxury prices such as a new car, vacations or a six to seven figure jackpots.  One rarely hears of a player winning it and more rarely sees a slots player winning it. But of course, it does happen, but what we are saying is that it is extremely rare and hard to hit. Try not to let the flash and the promise of glamorous casino life get to you. That’s what they are made to do!

Figure out what you are aiming to achieve with slots play before you pick a slots strategy or a mix of slots strategies to deploy.

Slots Strategy: Win more frequently

Slot machines with smaller payouts seem significantly easier to hit because they are. Jackpots are smaller on these machines because they are hit more frequently.  In most casinos, you’ll see the smaller jackpot slots pay out more frequently so strategy wise, if you are looking to just win money, play slots with jackpots that are easier to hit.

If you want a better shot at hitting a big slots jackpot, the next slot machine strategy we call ‘live life dangerously’ is next…

Slots Strategy: Choose bigger slots jackpots

If you’re looking to break the bank then play the high-stakes slots.  On huge progressive jackpot machines, a good chunk of each bet goes to feed the progressive jackpot and usually you have to max-bet your slots spins in order to get paid out if you do hit. Keep in mind, unless you have an insane amount of money, slots strategy wise, it is not recommended. Potentially more likely you will not hit the jackpot than you will. So if you want to win more for less—at least proportionally speaking—playing larger slot machine jackpots but play only what you can afford. Understand the odds are stacked against you, and in this case, the term ‘great risk, comes great reward’… we don’t recommend banking on winning a progressive jackpot in slots.

Slots Strategy: VIP card in casinos.  AKA loyalty or comp card.

VIP cards and VIP Slots programs are the most basic and simple slots strategy, but it’s one that can yield mega rewards. Because slot machines are essentially computers, slot computers can track everything about your play and spend far better than a human ever can. This is one reason why a slot machine player is comped way more often than Blackjack or craps players in a casino. Since the machine knows exactly how much you’ve bet, what you’ve won, and how long you’ve been playing, you’ll earn more comps faster than non-slot players.  Free shows, accommodations, and meals are all things VIP slots players can enjoy.  Winner winner chicken dinner!

Slots Strategy: Manage your Bankroll

Cut your losses & don’t chase!

Like any casino game, playing slots involves a little bit of slot machine strategy and a little bit of luck. If the machine hit big in hours, walk away and find a new machine. No one is having fun if they are losing at slots and playing slot machines should be fun.  If you’re on a cold streak while playing slots, cut your losses and try again another day. Set a budget spend limit and when you hit that, get up and leave. Do this also for how much you are willing to walk away with when you are up money.  Enjoy a day at the pool or spa and don’t try to win your money back playing slots. You could very easily lose more.

Slots Strategy: Betting systems

Switching your bet is a slot machine strategy that can make you feel better about your losses, and even help you win bigger when you do. Consider starting with the lowest available bet. When you lose, increase it by one. When you win, decrease it by one. This plus/minus betting pattern is not guaranteed, but it’s a good slot machine strategy for managing your slots bankroll. It’s common sense to decrease your betting wagers when you’re losing that is unless you’re mega rich with billions to splurge.  Otherwise cut your losses when you’re on a losing streak, bet intelligently, and play within your means.

Overall the best slots strategy is to have proper bankroll management. Play slots for entertainment and if you just happen to be super lucky and hit a jackpot, then great! If not well, you had great fun!

If you do not have the money to play real-money slots, why not try free slots online?  Lucky Lady Slots is fun, free to play with friends and is available 24/7 on any device with wifi.

Lucky Lady Slots Strategy: Play Free

Lucky Lady Slots Strategy: Play Free

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