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The Best Slot Bonus Games

August 2 admin

Slot bonus games are great excitement!

Many video slot machines include a Slot Bonus Round where players may accumulate extra credits and free spins. There’s usually a lot of excitement when a slots player hits the bonus round. Some flares include extra loud special themed slots music, sound effects, video, pictures and animations play. Players are transported to an entirely new setting where are given the chance to play a second game, which is related to the theme of the slot. The bonus game is usually from the regular slot machine spinning game and can act as a reason for players to keep spinning the machines.

Not all slot machines offer a Bonus Round so be sure if you are looking for slot bonus rounds that you find a machine that has that feature. You’ll usually find this extra feature on 5-reel and 7-reel slots as a majority of the bonuses being offered are on the five-reel machines. The cost amount of a machine does not seem to matter as some Penny Slot Machines have the best bonus game offers. We have put together some winning tips for machines that offer this exciting extra slot bonus features.

Honorable Mentions: Price Is Right, Top Gun, Wizard Of Oz, and Jackpot Party

There are many types of machines with great slots bonuses. Here are some examples including one from Paradise fishing where you can compete with another slots players to see who can catch the most fish!

Bonus Slot #1

Chickendales Slots

This slot is considered to have one of the highest payout rates.  If you are lucky enough to get three Chickendale symbols in a row, get ready for a surprise. Once the “Chickendale” birds have finished their pomp and circumstance, you select an audience member to critique their performance. The audience member will then display a scorecard indicating a bonus amount, a rose, a collect, or a private dance symbol. Three roses or a private dance take you to a second bonus, where you select eggs that increase or decrease the bonus thus far.

Bonus Slot #2

Monty Python and the Holy Grail Slots

This slot machine captures the comical mood of the Monty Python series and movies. If you love Monty Python, this machine is for you. It offers three bonus rounds that use comedy bits from the Holy Grail movie, which are played when film clip symbols appear. The great thing is that when you choose your picks, one of the 38 clips will play out while your bonus is being rewarded. Slot bonuses include the Grab-a-Goblet screen, where you try to pick the best bonus, and the Camelot song and dance screen, where you get seven rolls of a dice in the top box of the actual slot machine.

Bonus Slot #3

Keep Your Hat On Slots

This is a slot machine game  geared towards the female demographic.  In contrast to the Playboy games geared at males, this one is the lady equivalent.  You’ll probably want to steer clear of this game unless your sexual proclivity leans towards the masculine as it is quite sexually suggestive. When three, four or five scattered women appear on the slot payline, a fully clothed man appears on the slot video screen ready for you to undress. You then have the pleasure of removing an article of his clothing. If all of the clothing is removed, the total bonus can be multiplied depending on your bonus.

Bonus Slot #4

Deviled Eggs Slots

This game follows a slot format called Bonus Bank, where you must wager an extra bet to qualify for one of five slot bonus rounds. This game offers many bonus rounds of different game-play making it super fun. Some of the bonus round free games include the following: 1) Star of the game, Lil’ Lucy awards you with a random number of free spins with her sparkling dust. 2) Throw a Win round, Lil’Lucy throws three dice to multiply your bonus win 3) Treasure Chests, select from three treasure chests to receive up to 25 free spins with a slot bonus win multiplier. This game offers more bonus games than I have seen and is super fun to play. Very different from other slot machines and slot bonus here is great.

Bonus Slot #5

Monopoly Slots Reel Riches

Everyone knows the goal to win Monopoly is to own everything and that the property real estate such as Boardwalk is worth the most! The slot bonus game here is fun because in addition to the themed Monopoly bonus of making your way around the Monopoly board to increase your wins, the Electric Company, Railroads, Utilities, etc., have mini-bonuses of their own. If you land on the Electric Company for example, flashing light bulbs appear from which you choose bonus coins. For the Water Works, you choose water faucets that spout bonus coins.

Bonus Slot #6 

Lucky Lady Slots

The bonuses of the Lucky Lady Slots include Keys where you can then use to open up reward VIP treasures in the Treasure Room, Double or Nothing Casino Games, Spin Wheels and more. This game is the only free to play game in this section so why not try it out here:

Lucky Lady Slots Play Free Slot Bonus

Lucky Lady Slots Play Free Slot Bonus


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