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Las Vegas Slots to Become More Appealing to Millenials

June 23 Sandra Wong

What is a slot machine?

Basically, the game has not changed much since its conception over a century ago. The basis of the game has remained the same: the player puts a coin in the slot (or makes a deposit using a credit card or an online payment method), pulls a lever (or pushes a button, or clicks on it), the reels start spinning, they stop, and the winnings are paid out. The game was a huge success back when San Francisco mechanic Charles Fay built the first one (both as a way of gambling and as a candy vending machine), and it has maintained its appeal ever since. But the times have changed – younger generations that have grown up having a gaming console in the living room or a PC (with games on it) somewhere in the house, so the classic slot machine does not appeal to them any more. This means that Las Vegas executives have a problem: older players are slowly dying off, and younger generations prefer other types of games. The solution they chose to try is to make the slots be more similar to video games: add story, action and other exciting elements to make them more appealing to millenials.

Las Vegas Slots

Games with elements borrowed from other genres are not something entirely new. You can play several such games at the all slots mobile casino or any other online gambling outlet. When it comes to land-based games, though, the variety of games with something more than just a set of spinning reels is almost zero. The slot machine industry has gone through a schism: land-based slot developers have stayed at a level that is perfect for the traditional casino audience, while online developers have moved on. No wonder – the competition is much bigger on the internet. Developers like Rabcat Gaming, Net Entertainment or Microgaming constantly release online video slot machines that are not just inspired by movies and video games, but they offer extra content (which means extra entertainment for the player). One developer, Rival Gaming, has even gone one step further: it has created a breed of interactive slots (iSlots, not to be mistaken with an Apple product) that combines elements of storytelling from movies and video games with the classic slot machine gameplay. And they are all having considerable success with younger generations of players.

Slot machine companies are now allowed to create games that contain a skill based, arcade style element, according to Nevada’s Senate Bill 9 backed by the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers. The goal of adding these extra elements is to attract millenials to slot machines – these players prefer blackjack over slot machines when they gamble, and non-gaming activities over gambling, Las Vegas analysts say. Slot makers believe the machines, which places the video-game component into a bonus round, will attract younger players.


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