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Best Strategies for Online Real Money Slots

October 5 Sandra Wong

It may come as no surprise that there are plenty of different ways to enhance your skills and amend your playstyle when dealing with online real money slots. The website wrote over 200 articles about real online money slots, and it’s just what new players need to see! 

We’re going to cover some simple, but effective methods to make your online slot experience more enjoyable, and more profitable. 

Make Use of Free Spins

These are put into the mix for a reason, and that’s to keep you coming back for more. If this was a fix, then why would players continue to return? These are often offered as a welcome bonus from most providers, and rarely they are awarded through general gameplay. 

However, in some cases, these free spins aren’t actually “free” and require you to deposit a certain amount of cash before they become available. On the other hand, completely free spins do exist, and you can generally even get cash pay-outs as a direct result. 

Discover Low Turnover Terms

Whenever you receive a bonus from creating or registering a new account, whether it’s a free spin offer or deposit match, you’ll often discover that this has a turnover requirement. 

This requirement essentially means you’ll be required to wager a multiplied amount of the total bonus offered. These can be in the range of 10 to more than 100 times, and usually, you’ll discover the more extensive the reward offered, the higher the actual multiplier will be. 

Understanding of Bonus Win Limits

Now, it’s true that there is often a cap on the amount of money you can cash out on when using bonus funds. However, it’s always worth checking the terms and conditions, because, on certain occasions, there isn’t a cap or at least a very generous cap. 

A typical example of this would be a maximum cap of £500, meaning if you were to finish your turnover requirement and also have a balance of £700 that’s won form bonus funds, you’d only be able to cash out the £500. What happens to the additional £200 is decided in the terms and conditions of that particular provider, and in some cases, they can be completely wiped off. 

Devise a Stop Loss Strategy 

This process is entirely fundamental, and it applies to any form of gambling. You should always have a figure in mind that you’re prepared to part ways with, as it gives you the needs and means to stop at a certain point. This should be your point where you cut your losses and move on. 

It’s easier to do in slot games, as you can set a specific spend limit, or better yet a spin limit. This can also be divided across numerous types of slots, so you don’t feel like you’re only allowed to enjoy a single game 

Stop When you Enter Profit

This is a tactic used by pretty much every successful and professional gambler. If you reach a point where you’ve earned more than your starting balance, you should generally just call it quits and cash out. 


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