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The Best Free to Play Slots in 2018

February 22 Sandra Wong

Anyone in the world can get access to free slot games. The only distinguishing factors are…

  • Must be 18 years or the legal age for gambling in your country
  • Must have an internet connection.

The amazing thing about free online slot machines is that they are completely free. This means you can access them twenty-four hours, seven days of the week without any monetary constraint. The popularity of online pokies has made game developers to fill this need with more and more games. These online pokies are compatible with any and every device. May it be Mac, Windows, and Linux computers or mobile devices such as Android and Apple phones. This form of online gaming has also been designed to work with tablets and the relatively new smart TVs.

These games share a couple of similarities. One such similarity is that these free to play slots will require you to deposit money after a trial period. There is no need of risking your own funds as by refreshing your browser, you get to experience the game all over again. They are also rather easy to find on casino websites. They are usually branded with signs written practice/demo mode. They give the online gamer the same thrilling experience as those of real money slots. These games also offer features such as additional spins and multipliers. Free to play slots don’t require the user to sign up for an account or download any resulting software.

Free to play slots enable users all over the world to experience fairy tale and movie-themed slots. The quality of the animation is also to die for. The following is a brief breakdown of some of the best free to play slots available.

Terminator 2

Microgaming gives us this fun-filled gaming experience that is Terminator 2. The game is based on the action-packed movie of the same name. The online game explores this fantasy world as Connor who is on a mission to fight deadly machines. The game has amazing graphics and a host of features. The game is designed around five reels with plenty options for payouts. The game also boasts of a high payout percentage (96.5%).

Jurassic Park

Microgaming does it again with this game. The success of the movie franchise Jurassic Park made this one of the most anticipated games. The game is themed around the gigantic reptiles and it features five reels. Jurassic Park offers an online gamer features such as bonus rounds and big payout lines.

Game of Thrones

Microgaming is dominating this free to play slot list. They recently unveiled the Game of Thrones slot.  The game features five reels and numerous payout options. Game of Thrones takes the player on an adventurous journey through the seven kingdoms. While on this journey, the player will enjoy earning great prizes and bonus rounds. Microgaming didn’t disappoint as the game has amazing visuals and sounds.

Visit any online casino and it is sure to have a huge collection of free to play slots.



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