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Everything you ever wanted to know about Slots

Find topics such as How to play slot machines: Tips and Guidelines, How to read slot machines, Slots Math, Best Places to Play Slots, Best Slots Bonuses, Free Slots Bonuses, Slot Machine Reviews, How to Win at Slots, Slots on Facebook, Slots tournaments & more.

Featured Slots Posts

Slots Strategy – Have a Game Plan and Win Big

While there aren’t any real long term strategies to win in slot machines consistently there are “strategy” tips. We’ll give an insider’s view on what to look for to increase your odds of winning the big one!

Slots tips

While there aren’t sure fire tips on winning slot machines consistently or the jackpots we’re going share tips on how to manage your money and what to look for in maximizing your time and winnings!

Slot bonus

Anchor came out with a feature that forever changed the world of slot machines. They simply mounted a standard roulette wheel on top of a slot machine, placed “bonus” awards around the edge, and voila! The bonus round was born. Nowadays there are countless bonus rounds to choose from on countless machines. These are but a few of the most interesting ones.

Types of slots

There are a variety of slot machines to choose from. Slot machines are specifically designed for anyone and everyone to play from all walks of life. It’s marketing at its finest! No wonder it accounts for the majority of net profit of all casinos around the world. Types of slot machines include:

  • video slots
  • no deposit bonus slots
  • penny slots
  • mobile slots for iPhone or iPad
  • vip slots
  • free online slots
  • facebook slots

Online Casino Slots Reviews – Best, New and Popular Slots

Every day there are new slot machines, new versions, and variations being churned out by the manufacturers. Take the time to read some of the reviews from players around the world. Not all machines and bonuses are created equal. It pays to research. Lucky Lady Games features our in-house slots pro, SUSIE SLOTS and she will be reviewing some of the best slot machines on the planet for you! She loves slots, so be sure to play with her for free at Lucky Lady Slots on Facebook!

Susie Slots will be showing you the best slots, new slots and super slots, slots jackpots and so much more just for you! She plays every slot machine from Las Vegas to Atlantic city including her favorites, Aristocrat slots, Super slots, Fish Bonus Slots, Undersea treasure slots, Slota jungle casino, Slots for you, SlotoMania, Double Down Casino Slots, Lucky Lady Slots and more!

Be sure to check out the Slots Glossary so you can Slot it up like the pros!

Now that you’ve read everything there is to know about slot games. The next time you pass by a one armed bandit you’ll know what to look for. You’ll be thinking, does that slot machine jackpot have your name on it?

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