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Paula Stregger – Canada top female poker players

November 11 Sandra Wong

Every poker player has players they highly respect and Paula Stregger is one of those players for me.

I don’t say this about many players, especially female players, but this player really knows her game. I actually think that my game gets better when Paula is at the table and though she is a shark, I love when I get to sit with other players I can learn from. She keeps me in line and when she’s around you can bet I’m playing my most solid game. Thank you Paula, I’m honored that I get to play with you sometimes, that you are such a great poker role model for me and that you are part of the Vancouver poker scene.

So let’s get to know Paula Stregger, one of Canada’s top female poker players. Here she is at #1 stacking chips when she took down that BCPC’s ladies event:


1) Favorite Food to eat while playing?
I try to eat healthy, like chicken salad, but if I’m with my PFFs, you just might find me eating something really bad, like poutine 🙂

2) Drink of Choice? 
Either water or diet coke. If I drink alcohol, you’ll probably see me sipping on some red wine or a rum and diet coke.

3) Favorite City/Poker room to play in / Place to Play? Why? I love playing poker in Vegas, especially during the WSOP, as there is lots of action and fun people. I really like the cash games at the Rio and Aria. My favourite local poker room in Vancouver is Edgewater, as it is close by and the staff and dealers are always really friendly.

4) Favorite Poker Hand? AA of course! But I have “thing” for K-9 of diamonds because that was my winning hand when I won the BCPC’s ladies event.

5) Favorite Player/mentors? Vanessa Selbst is a great role model. I also like Daniel Negraneu because not only is he Canadian, he is a player who trusts his instincts, realizing that against tough players, there’s not a lot of shortcuts you can take, so you have to make the plays that make the most sense and those plays come from instinct.  Watching him makes me realize that to be successful at poker, especially No Limit Hold’em, you need to be an aggressive player.

6) Good luck charms? I have a few favourite hats I’ll wear in big games, but I don’t really have a lucky charm.

7) Give us your #1 tip to share with other players?  Surround yourself with better players and observe and learn as much as you can about the game. This will help you become a better more confident player. Confidence is key to being successful at poker. You have to believe you’re going to win every single time you play.

Here is Paula with Vancouver’s other top female poker players April Facey and Jenn Assu.

paula poker april facey jenn assu

8) Recommended books? & Favorite Authors.
Harrington on Hold’em Dan Harrington, Mike Caro’s Book of Tells, Every Hand Revealed by Gus Hansen and The Psychology of Poker. I’ve read a lot of other books and articles as they can always sharpen your game!

9) Do you play online? Where?
I don’t play a lot online, but my friend Jacqueline Ray begs me on a weekly basis to play on so I think I will make that one of my poker goals for 2015.

10) Favorite Game? No Limit Texas Hold’em

11) Biggest Personal Poker Achievement so far. 
Winning the BC Poker Championships, ladies event for $30,000. I still hold the title as there hasn’t been a ladies event since my win. I also took 2nd place in the Women’s Poker Classic limit event and 3rd in the LIPS ladies grand series at the Golden Nugget. Although this isn’t a win, it is a hand I will always remember. I was playing against Mike Matusow when he was in Vancouver, and I attended one of his boot-camp training sessions. After the boot camp, we were playing on the same table. He had QQ and I had 10-10 and I got him to fold his monster hand pre-flop. After a series of bets, raises and re-raises, he open folded his hand because he thought I had him beat. I then showed him my hand after he folded. He was not happy with me.

12) What are you working on right now in your game.
This year, I’m focusing on balancing poker and life. When I choose to play poker, however, I always play to win. The other thing I’m working on is taking my time and not rushing my game and my decisions. I’m observing more when I’m in a hand and out of a hand. This has made me more aware of my own game and my own “tells” so I’m working on being consistent with my moves, the way I react, the way I bet, etc.

13) Where will will we be seeing you next in the live scene? Any future poker plans?  
My focus for the past year has been on my family as my daughter just got married and is having a baby this year, so my priorities have shifted slightly. However, I am playing in the Vancouver ladies poker league, which is made up of amazing, talented ladies who meet once a week for a night of poker, drinks and tons of laughs.


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