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Idris Gencoglu

March 23 Sandra Wong

This is my friend, I call him Adrian, but the poker scene knows him as Idris Gencoglu.


So how did I meet Idris Gencoglu?

Idris Gencoglu and I met in the most interesting poker fate like way. It was summer in Las Vegas and it was right after I bubbled (3 from) my first WSOP event. I was so devastated, I ran out the door leaving all my belongings behind and bawled my eyes out. Yes, this happened and til this date never ended up recovering the stuff I left behind. No one was around outside the Rio smoking area as it was afternoon but a guy standing there waiting for a taxi. I sat down on the bench to catch the next taxi, and I just cried. No taxi came for a long time and I think I was making this guy feel very uncomfortable, and he was like ‘Are you ok?’ after being in silence for over 5 minutes.. To which I responded ‘No… I’m not’. I had no idea that I would cry after a poker tournament, and for the record, I have never cried after busting a tourney ever since. Not even the main event a few years later, even though I really wanted to. Anyhow, the guy happened to be Adrian and he was nice enough to offer me a ride to where I was going. He too just busted an event early and had no real definitive plans. Now as 2 losers in a taxi, I find out he was also from Vancouver (What?!), which then we decided to hang out and go for drinks because I  had to go meet some of my friends who were also from Vancouver too.

That’s how our great friendship based on poker started… and the rest was history. Since then we have shared many high and lows, laughs and tears and if there was anyone I trust to have my back when I travel to play poker, it’s this man. Idris Gencoglu is one of the kindest, truest friends anyone could ever have. He’s also super fun, really good at bull-riding competitions and is a pretty good dancer. Thanks Adrian for always being so cool, I hope we can travel again soon even though you cheat at OFC. (Just kidding…but seriously.)

Here is a video of a time Idris Gencoglu did a last-longer with Pedro Rios (Pete) for dinner. The bet was who would ride the electronic bull longer. Adrian was first and lasted over 60 seconds easily. Sadly the video of that got corrupted, SORRY, and I only could salvage Pete’s loss attempt. Adrian did win fair and square and then we hit THE CRAZY LOBSTER in Nola which Pete so graciously paid for dinner for the entire party.

And here we are in Denver Colorado airport taking a selfie during layover on our way to a WSOPc event


Get to know Idris Gencoglu

  1. Favorite Food to eat while playing? I try to eat healthy light food as I can however most of the live poker rooms doesn’t provide much of options for food … I think in business sense they miss the mark for better customer service!!!!! I always try to make best possible choice as I can
  2. Drink of Choice? wine and whisky
  3. Favorite City/Poker room to play in / Place to Play? Why? I love being in Vegas seeing , especially wsop time … I love playing in venetians and Winn vegas is really soft too. When aria opened aria was the best but now so many regulars there games are not as soft…
  4. Favorite Poker Hand? my favorite hand the one gets me trough the river and makes me the winner but I would say AA
  5. Favorite Player/mentors? Phil Ivey  
  6. Good luck charms? none I don’t believe luck
  7. Give us your #1 tip to share with other players? I have had very bad bankroll management. Work on this.
  8. Recommended books? & Favorite Authors. Mental Game of Poker, Jared Tendler
  9. Do you play online? Where? I do play on Poker Stars and FullTilt sites only.
  10. Favorite Game? PLO but I feel like a big fish when I am going trough downswing 
  11. Biggest Personal Poker Achievement so far.  I don’t thing I achieved anything that I could call my biggest. I really want to win a braclet in wsop event
  12. Where will we be seeing you next in the live scene? Any future poker plans? wsop

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