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Bo Fric – Calgary Poker Player

March 4 Sandra Wong

Bo Fric – Calgary Poker Player

As soon as I met Bo Fric at the Deerfoot Casino in Calgary, I was immediately attracted to him. I don’t know what it was, but he had the kind of swagger and energy I liked, and I wanted to know who he was. I ended up meeting a buddy of his at a party, and he laughs and tells me, “Oh that’s Bo Fric, every girl likes him!” Great… I’m so cliche.

Bo Fric - calgary best poker player

So over the next few days I get to know more about Bo & the rest of the Calgary poker scene. I have partied in big cities all over the world, from Miami to Manila to Dubai, and no one parties like they do in Calgary. I know this is a bold statement, but seriously, the people of Calgary hold it down hard. They tell me that this is a normal weekend for them and I’m liking what they tell me.

Despite the cold, I couldn’t help but fall in love with Calgary in just 1 day, and it didn’t hurt that the first day of my arrival, I won the mega bankroll booster, which would pay for all my event buy-ins. Going into it, I was mentally ready to ship every event I planned to play (I was overly confident and had big entitlement issues back then), but the poker Gods of Calgary had something else in mind.

So long story short, day 2 of the Calgary poker trip, I am 2 hours late for the first event. Only getting about 3 hours sleep, I zombied into the poker room with my hoodie and shades on. I was not in good form that afternoon, and barely remember much else but Bo. I get seated directly across from him, run AA<KK AIPF. He has KK, I have Aces… he flops top set. He felts me. Most guys would apologize to me, but Bo didn’t. I no longer like him. I rebuy. Happy to get a seat at a new table, I down 2 cups of coffee and triple my starting stack. Back in my groove, I get moved again to Bo’s table. There are only 2 players that have me covered, and of course one of them is Bo. I get KK in the cutoff, standard raise, Bo is in the SB, he 3 bets me, I 4-bet jam (thinking no way he ever has AA there), he turns over AA. Really? Now, I hate Bo. Of course I don’t magically flop a set like Bo.

I fire a third bullet and make day 2. I see Bo at the end of the night and he buys me a hot dog. I get to know him a bit more, and find out he’s super down to earth, mad cool and real. I don’t end up cashing anything this series, but still left Calgary with the fondest of memories. I will definitely go back to Calgary to play poker, party like a rock star and hopefully see Bo again, just not at the tables.

I also want to give a quick shout out to Joel Bullock for letting us cook bacon at your house… and to Joey Spurrell, for being deliciously insane.

Here is a photo of a few of us along with some regular Calgarian rounders one night at a bar I am told is called Hudson’s. Good times!

Partying with Bo Fric - calgary poker player

So, let’s get to know more about this poker player from Calgary named Bo Fric. I asked him to share with us:

1) Favorite Food to eat while playing? Chicken wings or anything else messy and gross…. tilts people…. definitely plus EV

2) Drink of Choice? Definitely Corona…. or Tequila shots at final table

3) Favorite City/Poker room to play in / Place to Play? Why? There’s no place like home…. in Cash Casino, Deerfoot Casino and Grey Eagle are all special to me… probably Cash and Deerfoot a little more as they have been around longer and that’s where I played most when we used to grind 100 hours a week. Always loved River Rock too, and am sad to see they aren’t putting on anymore big tournaments.

4) Favorite Poker Hand? 22. There is just nothing better than making a set of deuces.

5) Favorite Player/mentors? No doubt my favorites are my buddies. Guys I got into poker with like Joel Bullock, Karim Chatur, Umang (Ron Dattani), and Khoa Nguyen. I’m a homer, so for some of the bigger names I’m partial to guys I know on our side of the boarder like Gavin, Greg Mueller, Matt Jarvis and Brad Booth.

6) Good luck charms? I used to wear a shirt with a picture of my boy on it to all the big tournaments and final days…. haven’t cracked that out in years….. maybe I should…. won more back then 🙂

7) Give us your #1 tip to share with other players? The one tip that I would share is that when playing tournaments, always shoot for first. I think that even now, and especially in live tournaments, people are all too happy to min-cash and don’t take enough chance to put themselves in position to WIN the tournament. When you compare the dollar amounts of one win to several min-mid cashes, it only makes sense.

8) Recommended books? & Favorite Authors. I’ve spent more hours than I would care to admit reading poker books and have bookshelves full of them. Without question my favorites are the Harrington on Hold’em books. I flipped through one last year and they still hold up. To this day I still think in terms of M and Q values rather than BB when I’m deep in a tournament.

9) Do you play online? Where? I haven’t played online in a few years. Spent too much money replacing smashed laptops. But I’m thinking of buying a new one now so maybe I should play a few hands and properly discard my current one.

10) Favorite Game? Hold’em. PLO brings the gambler out, but NLH will always be my favorite.

11) Biggest Personal Poker Achievement so far. I’ve had so many fun experiences and met so many great friends. Every week i’m around poker something fun or exciting happens. Not always good, but always interesting. That’s why I can’t stay away.

12) What are you working on right now in your game or life? Just trying to find some more balance. My son is getting older, not to mention I am too. Trying to sleep earlier, work more and just enjoy every day.

13) Where will we be seeing you next in the live scene? Any future poker plans? We’ve got Deepstacks coming to both Edmonton and Calgary in the next two months. That’s about it until WSOP.

Bo Fric - calgary poker player

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