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Benjamin Reason – Poker Coach/Guru

March 1 admin

Benjamin Reason – Poker Coach/Guru

The cool thing about travelling the poker scene is meeting the amazing people you would never even thought you’d ever in a million years become friends with. From the moment I met Benjamin Reason, we had an instant chemistry. I mean, I am friendly and I generally get along with most poker players, but rarely do I ever want to associate with them outside of the poker rooms. Ben, however, only after talking to him briefly at the tables, I asked him if we could have lunch together. Over a salad, he told me about poker coaching, and how poker coaching works. This was my first introduction to poker coaching as I never even considered it before, and our talks quickly went to more deeper areas of my game/life.

Here we are from left to right with Idris Gencoglu, Jonathon Tamayo (sitting to the right of this guy in the WSOPc Main Event is still my worst nightmare), Me – Sandra Wong, Benjamin Reason & The Hesse Fest (I still have no idea why everyone told me to call him that?!).

Ben Reason Poker

Long story short, we stayed in touch, connected over skype (still the longest skype meeting I ever had) and social media. Our first talk was over 3.5 hours about everything under the sun but in the end concluded that I needed some peace and that I really work on my mental game.

He, of course, recommended The Mental Game of Poker by Jared Tendler (Love this book btw), as well as another book known as the Buddhist Brain. I took his advice, and over the next few years put work into improving my mental game, which ultimately lead to improving almost every area of my life as well.

Ben Reason is not only an amazingly talented poker player, he is a smart, well-rounded and grounded individual. His talents lie far beyond poker, (which is probably what makes him such a great player) I think the biggest thing I want to say about Ben is that his interest in helping others improve is genuine. He has a natural knack for teaching, is aware and balanced. He is smart enough to know that the more you give, the more you receive – something I believe most of the world never learn – and I respect that.

Ben Reason is someone I will always be railing and I’m happy to welcome him to our LLG Blog.

benjamin Reason poker

Benjamin Reason has a degree in music education. He’s 26 year old (it’s 2015 right now) travelling poker player who splits time between live and online. From Texas. Sponsored pro via and instructor for Tournament Poker Edge.

  1. Favorite Food to eat while playing?
    I don’t eat while I’m playing. Session food in between breaks will typically be light and healthy…Something such as banana’s, almonds, other fruit, etc.
  2. Drink of Choice?
    If we’re talking alcoholic I’d have to go with a Moscow Mule. Green Tea with lemon every day though otherwise.
  3. Favorite City/Poker room to play in / Place to Play? Why?  I guess I’d have to say Choctaw Casino in Durant Oklahoma. Even before my recent success there, it’s where I got started on the live circuit and there’s always a familiar face.
  4. Favorite Poker Hand? No bias toward anything really, but I’d have to go with A2s. I used to bluff every time I got it when playing NL10 with my friends.
  5. Favorite Player/mentors? Apestyles. We both take the same approach to life and he’s opened my eyes to quite a few things to work on in my own game.
  6. Good luck charms? Nawwww
  7. Give us your #1 tip to share with other players? Keep your thoughts and actions in the present (in poker and in life). Attention is love.
  8. Recommended books? & Favorite Authors. Poker – “Applications of No Limit Holdem” by Matthew Janda. Non Poker – “Siddhartha” By Hermann Hesse. “How We Decide” Jonah Lehrer. Anything by Carl Sagan is noteworthy.
  9. Do you play online? Where? Everywhere
  10.  Favorite Game? No limit tournaments 
  11. Biggest Personal Poker Achievement so far. My biggest achievement would be my coaching resume. I have consistently turned beginners into professionals consistently throughout the years. Various students have become coaches. This gives me confidence in my knowledge of the game.
  12. What are you working on right now in your game.  I’m always working on a multitude of things. Regarding MTT’s, I’m getting better at running simulations through Cardrunners EV, and switching from HEM to PT4. I see myself focusing on mixed games over these next few months, specifically over crazy pineapple hi lo
  13. Where will we be seeing you next in the live scene? Any future poker plans?
    At the closest stop and some 1k in Reno in the next month or two. I’m going to be in a grinder house at Lake Tahoe with a few peers from March until WSOP. We’re all hard working and equally motivated to improve. Beyond stoked for all the snowboarding and poker-ing that will be had.

You can stay connect and follow Ben on  Twitter @reasons14 or check out his blog at


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