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Poker Tilt

August 26 LuckyLady

Today is going to be about tilt…specifically poker tilt!

We all have experienced it, we all have dealt with it but I felt I needed an entire blog to touch upon the subject.

Let me start by saying, I usually never TILT, let me explain that further. Each person can have their own definition of tilt. My definition of TILT is when you start to let your emotions affect the way you play poker or any game that you play. I sure can verbalize my emotions at times and get frustrated at myself but I never let it affect the way I play. I am not a robot, I feel it is better to wear your emotions on your sleeve then if you bottle it up and never release them. I will admit that I do let anger get the better of me at times; I have struggled with this issue all my life. It is a work in progress; I have gotten much better with it as I have gotten older.

Enough about myself though lol…

What can you do to take control of TILT when you feel it coming on while playing poker?

Take a deep breath and try to keep everything in perspective. I have mentioned in my previous blogs that poker is a long term game and you that you can’t be focused on short term results. Some donkey just hit a three outer on you for a huge pot? Why go on TILT and lose more money by playing badly for the rest of your session? So not only are you compounding your problems by losing more money, your also hurting your bankroll! Remember that you want that donkey to call you in those spots! Yes it hurts in the current moment that he hit and won the pot, but in the long run… mathematically you will win more money than lose in that spot.

So my advice when you feel tilt coming along…

Take a few deep breaths, take a walk, take a break, take a drink of water, go to the washroom, have a meal or listen to some relaxing music. If you feel you can’t shake the tilt in your current session, then it is better off to stop playing and come back another night. The game will always be there!

You don’t have to do all those things; I am just giving you some suggestions from my own repertoire. If you can try to control the number of times you go on tilt, your bankroll will be very happy and you will be able to play much better poker. Not to mention the anger management skills will help you in other areas of your life.

Well I will sign off until next time…

Good luck at the tables and may you never be drawing dead.



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