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Open Face Chinese Poker Craze

August 20 LuckyLady

Open Face Chinese Poker is the poker player’s gambling card game of choice!

Variations of Open Face Chinese Poker include Pineapple (3 card draws) and Fantasy Land (QQ’s on top), Open Face Chinese Poker, OFC’s popularity is growing amongst poker players worldwide. Poker apps are now available to play against your friends or against the computer.

Open Face Chinese Poker APP

Open Face Chinese Poker APP

First let me begin as I began writing this article I realized that the Chinese have invented countless contraptions and games.  Here’s a list of inventions created by the Chinese, wheel barrow, compass, paper, cross bow, printing, gunpowder, cards, and of all things a fork.  Yes the Chinese invented the fork before they invented chop sticks.  I’ll make a prop bet on this.  Just look it up on good ol Wikipedia.  Btw: Make sure you donate your $5 (say no to ads on Wiki) for the greatest invention on the web next to Youtube and online poker.

Out of all those inventions one may stand out; cards.  Is it a coincidence that some of the world’s best card players are Chinese?  Now, an eclectic game known as Open Face Chinese Poker is making waves in the high stakes world. Regular pros are even tweeting and playing it.  Thirteen time wsop bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth reputedly lost half a million on this game, Jason Mercier recently played a 34 hour marathon session at the European Ppoker Tour stop in San Remo.  Daniel “Kid Poker” Negreanu tweeted, “It’s been a while since I’ve been addicted to a card game but I am completely addicted to Open Faced Chinese Poker.”

If the pros are playing it, it must be fun!  I actually learned the game from a local rounder in the neighborhood whom we’ll call Mikey.  Apparently he’s watched “Rounders” over a 100 times and the scary thing is I believe it.

So how do you play, Open Face Chinese Poker, aka OFC?

The rules are simple.  It’s a three tiered system where the bottom five holds the strongest hands, on top is the next strongest five cards, followed by three cards.  Thus each player receives 13 cards.  Reminiscent of Big 2 yes, but you mix and match your cards and it’s faced up.  Some people try to change it once they lay it down, but the universal rule is “card lay, card play.”  Your middle five card hand can never be stronger than your bottom otherwise it’s void, forfeit, foul, or another words…pay up!

Royalty points. 

Beat: 1
Scoop: 6
Foul: 6 to each player

Royalties for bottom hand:

straight: +2
flush: + 4
full house: +6
quads: +8
str8flush: +10
royal: +20

Royalties for middle hand: (double the bottom hand royalties)

straight: +4
flush: + 8
full house: +12
quads: +16
str8flush: +20
royal: +40

66 +1
77 +2
88 +3
99 +4
TT +5
JJ +6
QQ +7
KK +8
AA +9
222 +10
333 +11
444 +12
555 +13
666 +14
777 +15
888 +16
999 +17
TTT +18
JJJ +19
QQQ +20
KKK +21
AAA +22

Open Face Chinese Poker: Fantasy land means if you get QQ’s up top or better, the next hand you get to go to fantasy land.

To play Fantasy land Open Face Chinese Poker, you get all 13 cards to set all at once and not 5, then the rest in rotation. If you don’t know how to play, download the Open Face Chinese Poker app, or 13 card poker, and try it out for free! It’s fun… guaranteed to be addictive so user discretion is advised!

  • Minimum $/point at WSOP was $10/point… going up to $100/point that I have seen. I heard there is a $1/point
  • Open Face Tourneys are also pretty cool if organized well. My opinion Aria does the best job so far with OFC tourneys… long, but pretty good structure.
  • PCA hosted a $2000 buyin, WSOP hosted a $5000 buyin of OFC in 2013.
  • OFC is played 3-4 handed, with 2 dealers on either side of the table, and players do the scoring with points value going up each level.
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