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Getting SuperNova Elite

August 4 LuckyLady
Getting SuperNova Elite

Getting SuperNova Elite – Personal Notes

In every poker player’s career there will come a time when they will want to find out more or come across the words ‘SuperNova Elite’. You might have heard of SuperNova Elite from other poker players or maybe not at all if you are not that well versed in online poker. Whatever your knowledge is on SuperNova Elite, this post will enlighten even the most basic beginners and is above all else, intended to be a personal collection of FAQs and findings I have found useful in my research.

SuperNova Elite on PokerStars

First off… what is SuperNova Elite?

Supernova Elite is the ultimiate VIP tier/status one can get for online poker. You can only get Supernova Elite status on PokerStars. In order to get into this highly exclusive VIP Club level to become a SuperNova Elite, you have to earn 1,000,000 VPPs/year (VIP play points), and achieve all the previous tiers below. With each level you get bigger rewards and earn bonuses faster.

Every time you earn a VPP, you also earn at least one Frequent Player Point (FPP), but as you advance in the VIP Club, you can earn even more FPPs for more frequent play.

In order for you to become Supernova Elite, you have to be a very dedicated member as you need to earn all these points in the same calendar year.
PokerStars VPPs


Poker Stars VIP levels

The levels go as follows:

BronzeStar: All PokerStars players automatically earn points towards rewards.
ChromeStar: Move up the VIP levels to claim extra benefits and rewards.
SilverStar: Earn FPPs faster as a SilverStar VIP, then spend them in the VIP Store.
GoldStar: Play in more VIP Tournaments and spend your FPPs on improved rewards.
PlatinumStar: PlatinumStar VIPs get the best benefits and rewards of all the monthly levels.
Supernova: Become a Supernova VIP and you will have earned all of the VIP Stellar Rewards.
Supernova Elite: Only the most dedicated VIPs reach the highest VIP status.

Info From & More info on VIP Tiers/Levels on Poker Stars:

How much work does it take to get to Supernova Elite? 

1 million VPPs in a year is 83,333 VPPs a month

To put this into hand context, here are examples of how much volume it takes:

• 1.25 Million hands of NLHE $5/$10
• 1.5 Million hands of NLHE $2/$4
• 2 Million hands of NLHE $1/$2
• 2.75 Million hands of NLHE $0.50/$1
• 950k hands of FLHE $5/$10 full ring
• 675k hands of PLO $2/$4
• 25,000 $100 buy-in turbo SNGs
• 75,000 $30 buy-in turbo SNGs
• 115,000 $20 buy-in turbo SNGs

• Roughly $181,818 in total rake paid in a year, ~$15,000 rake per month.   (SRC:

What’s the best way to earn your VPPs? Cash games or sit-and-gos?

ANDREW ‘AZNTRACKER’ LI: “In cash games, the maximum rake is always going to be $3, whether the pot is $100 or $10,000. Everyone at that table will then share the VPPs that are earned because of that rake. In sit-and-gos, they are going to rake between 8 and 10 percent on every game you play and you don’t have to share those VPPs with anybody else. A $100 sit-and-go has a rake of $9, which translates into 47.5 VPPs. If I’m playing 40 tables at a time, I can earn anywhere from 3,000-4,000 points every hour. Even if a cash game player is maxing out his rake each hand, he’s still not going to even come close to the numbers he could get with sit-and-gos.

Viktor “Isildur1” Blom started the year by playing heads-up $5,000 sit-and-gos, six tables at a time. Each of those is worth 550 VPPs, so there was no way I could have caught him had he continued to play. Luckily, his competition realized how good he was and stopped giving him action. From there, he went back to heads-up cash games and allowed me to jump past him and get the record.”


In theory, if you have the bankroll and you can manage to break even for the year (maybe even a slightly losing player), you will win over $100,000 in bonuses and tickets if you play the required number of hands. If you are a winning player, you also obviously get to keep all the winnings you accumulate during your play and these bonuses will just be the cherry on top. I have read somewhere that aiming for a 5-10% ROI over the year, is an amazing return. Doesn’t sound totally impossible!

Reaching Supernova Elite – Benefits

• $54,310* in VIP store bonuses
• $1,200 Stellar Rewards
• $43,200 Milestone Cash Credits
• $5,200 WCOOP Main Event ticket
• $1,220 VIP Tournament tickets
Total: $105,130  + your poker wins.

*Worth $74,000 if you start the year as a Supernova Elite, taking the total up to $129,600.  — But you will most likely be very exhausted and it has to be maintained. See below on section — Is it worth it to go after Supernova Elite?



Pokerstars VIP Chart

Pokerstars VIP Chart


You should do your research first and plan if it is right for you…

Because it is hard for even the best players in the world to end the year profitable, you would have to ask ‘is it even wise for a breakeven player to try to go after this title?’

Accordingly to Randy Lew, aka Nanonoko: “I think being a slightly losing player or break even player can be frustrating if you’re playing huge volume. While I don’t think it’s a bad thing for a break even player to go for it, it definitely would be better if they work on their game a little bit more first then go for it.”

On pocketfives forum: “True, there are supernova elite milestone bonuses, but those only kick in at 1,250,000 VPP+. Most people trying for elite will just get to 1,000,000 VPP at the end of the year and then collapse exhausted. However, the 5x FPP multiplier might not be as good as it sounds… The fine print on stars says:

“Once you have earned the required VPPs you’re a Supernova Elite through at least the end of January of the following year. In addition, we will extend your status on a month-by-month basis from February through the end of June, provided you continue to earn at least 50,000 VPPs every month, missing no more than one month of 50,000 VPP accrual.”

2012: TBD
2011: ?
2010: 342 (8,300 Supernovas)
2009: 209 (7,700 Supernovas)
2008: 147 (5,200 Supernovas)
2007: 39 (3,500 Supernovas)

Some names include: Randy (Nanonoko) Lew, Dario Minieri, Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, Jason Mercier, George Lind and Viktor “Isildur1” Blom.

Clearly, it takes alot of hard work and dedication to the game to get to SuperNova Elite. Not only do you have to be a great poker player, your strategy and schedule needs to be thought out. In order to maintain sanity and have some kind of life balance, I like this strategy put out by Jared Tendler, author of ‘The Mental Game of Poker’, where he has said to have coached eight SNE members and many others have achieved Supernova Elite using this advice. His strategy Schedule goes like this quoting “Supernova Elite is a marathon, not a sprint”:

Jan 55,000 , VPPs
Feb 65,000 VPPs
Mar 70,000 VPPs
Apr 75,000 VPPs
May 80,000 VPPs
Jun 90,000 VPPs
Jul 95,000 VPPs
Aug 100,000 VPPs
Sep 100,000 VPPs
Oct 100,000 VPPs
Nov 100,000 VPPs
Dec 70,000 VPP

Read more on his blog here:

Quite tough! You need a crazy amount of volume, volume, volume! You have to be very dedicated and play decent poker enough to in the least breakeven. Finding the time to dedicated to this and not burn out is also an issue so you must really love the game.

“Probably the biggest myth around Supernova Elites is that they are robotic rakeback grinders whose only talent is putting in volume. Nothing could be further from the truth, very few of these guys are break even players and I think the fact they are profitable even without the VIP status is a key to how they are able to acheieve it.” — Barry Carter, PokerStrategy


On a PocketFives forum, someone wrote – Eye Dr. told me tiling was better. Well his actual words were more along the line of, “moving your eyes more is better than staring at one point”

Having the right tools & strategy will definitely help in your mission to becoming Supernova Elite. I recommend reading SNE player blogs and hearing their story, seeing their setup, learning from their mistakes and tips before jumping in. If you love the game, there is definitely no reason why you cannot reach SNE & earn all the rewards that come with it! Plus, you achieving that status, there is almost no-way you won’t improve your game!

Interesting Blogs, News & Sites of Interest on Supernova Elite

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Lessons from a failed Supernova Elite attempt



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