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Christopher Torina, President & CEO, The DeepStacks Group

August 13 LuckyLady

Industry Leader

Christopher Torina, President & CEO, The DeepStacks Group

Chris Torina - Deep Stacks Poker

Chris Torina – Deep Stacks Poker

Chris Torina - Deep Stacks Poker with Michael Mizrachi

Chris Torina – Deep Stacks Poker with Michael Mizrachi

Sometimes it’s not just aces you get dealt when you sit down at a poker table. One man, Mr. Christopher Torina had better then aces, he had an outstanding idea. The year was 2006 and Chris, an avid poker player, was playing in a WPT preliminary event at the Mirage in Las Vegas. As the tournament went on break, players at Chris’s table were chatting amongst themselves about a number of topics, one of which included poker boot camps.  As Chris overheard the conversation, he discovered that the players were specifically discussing poker education and how the current offerings lack substance and quality within the marketplace. Chris starting thinking about what it would take to truly educate poker players and provide them with an unparalleled learning experience. As a law enforcement officer at the time, Chris had extensive knowledge in how cops were being trained and the current products being offered to educate adults in high risk situations. Chris felt if many of the current law enforcement training techniques and methodologies could be used in poker than poker education, in its current form, could be redefined. Chris also felt that formal poker education should be brought into smaller, non-gaming markets and thus, DeepStacks was born.

After the WPT event was over, Chris travelled back to his then-home in Orlando, Florida and went over his business plan. With his idea thought-out and his goals set, Chris formed a team, in 2007, of professionals in three important fields, live event coordination, financial markets and education. From that point forward, Chris and his team began traveling from city to city providing the highest level of poker education in the marketplace and by 2008, the original DeepStacks Poker Training was formed. During a 6 month period, DeepStacks Poker Training was responsible for the education of over 2000 novice to advanced poker players in cities such as Chicago, San Diego and Miami. Even though some would consider this a success, Chris felt that something was missing and decided to recruit the services of world famous poker pro Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow as his #1 pro and lead instructor. From that point forward, Chris began to take DeepStacks to a whole new level.

In 2009, Chris creatively branched out with a new business tapping into the online market with DeepStacks University (, the state of the art, interactive training site that puts you at the table with the pros. From the comfort of your own home you are offered a proprietary, unique and advanced technology, not available on other sites called Reactive Training Technology. This training platform allows students the best experience while improving their poker game in an interactive, real time environment. The site offers a variety of learning tools and a curriculum from pros with incomparable poker knowledge and decades of experience playing at the highest levels of the game. With earnings totaling over 45 million dollars, 19 WSOP bracelets, 1 WSOP Main Event Championship, 7 Main Event Final table appearances and hundreds of (WSOP, EPT & WPT) final table appearances it cannot be disputed that DeepStacks University is the absolute finest in the industry.

Then, in 2010, Chris continued his good run and launched two more businesses’ – DeepStacks Live and DeepStacks 360.  DeepStacks Live, the product of the previous DeepStacks Poker training, is poker’s premier live training company that offers players the chance to learn from some of the best poker instructors in the world at a poker table. Pros such as Mike ‘The Mouth’ Matusow, Justin “Boosted J” Smith, Adam “Roothlus” Levy, Tom McEvoy, Michael ‘The Grinder’ Mizrachi and several other famous pro players travel across North America to help poker players of all levels. With over 35 live camps in 2010 alone, it is evident that there is a high demand for DeepStacks education. Not often does the regular Joe get the opportunity to sit across the table with poker icons such as Mr. Tom McEvoy and learn the secrets that have made Tom one of the most successful players in the world;

However Chris took it one step farther; and in a joint venture with All 360 Media LLC, Chris and his new partners formed DeepStacks 360. DeepStacks 360 is a proprietary live streaming video technology that delivers DeepStacks Live courses via the internet to students across the globe. This 360° learning environment puts students directly above the poker table, controlling their own point of view as they learn from the comfort of their own homes from some of the best players in the world.  With the most virtual experience offered, the student is kept actively participating in the course to keep them paying attention. Students have the ability to ask the instructors questions through a private chat interface, while they communicate directly with you through the live 360° video stream. is the future of poker training.

With four DeepStacks companies all thriving (the newest product, DeepStacks Poker Tour is set to launch in February of 2011), Chris felt it was time to start something new. Driving his career in a whole new direction, he started managing professional poker players as well. Chris formed Title 3 Management Group which represents some of the biggest names in poker such as Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi, Justin “Boosted J” Smith, Karina and Chip Jett and 2-time WPT champion Randal Flowers. More change is in the midst for DeepStacks as fellow DeepStacks partner and Mike Matusow business manager Richard Belsky recently brought Mr. Robert Croak to the team. Robert Croak is an incredible individuali n his own right, a business mogul and entrepreneur himself, Robert is the inventor of the #1 childrens toy in the world – Silly Bandz and the hottest toy for 2011-The Slap Watch. He brings his unparalleled business acumen and experience to the DeepStacks brand. This new partnership will no doubt benefit DeepStacks and aid in the further expansion and success of the brand that is now venturing out into the European and South American markets.

However, with five businesses to run, Chris still finds the time to slow down and enjoy life. He recently moved to Los Angeles where he enjoys working out, watching professional sports and of course playing poker. His innovative visions are inspiring and they have paved his path as an industry leader within the poker industry. We look forward to following Chris on his journey as he continues to build his empire. Good Luck on the Felts Chris!

For more information on how to take one of DeepStacks training courses, please visit

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