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Types of Online Casino Bonuses that You Can Get and Why You Should Take Advantage of Them

April 6 Sandra Wong

Types of Online Casino Bonuses that You Can Get and Why You Should Take Advantage of Them

Playing online casino games can always be a fun and exciting activity. However, it can also turn into an expensive hobby. Because of that, casino players are constantly finding ways to get more than what their money is worth.

Online casino operators are constantly competing when it comes to getting the most number of customers. This is why they keep on coming up with strategies to gain more players and for players to choose them instead of other online casinos.

Offering promos and bonuses is just one of the best tactics that work great for many online casinos. Many players would even only consider signing up on casinos that are offering generous bonuses. You can check 22Bet bonus offers to know why casino bonuses can be worth it.

Now, you may start to wonder what types of bonuses online casinos offer players. There really are many and bonuses would vary from one casino to another. Here are the most popularly offered online casino bonuses.

  • Welcome or Sign-up Bonus

This is a type of bonus that probably all online casinos offer. This is mainly their way to get the attention of possible customers and so this is why this kind of bonus widely vary from one casino to another. Typically, a welcome bonus would range from 50 to 500 percent of your first deposit.

Basically, if you sign up with an online casino that offers a 100 percent bonus if you deposit 100 dollars to your account, you’ll get another 100 dollars that you can use to play more games. 

Most casinos would only require you to make a first deposit for the welcome bonus to be credited to your account. However, there are other casinos that would ask more from you. For welcome bonuses that are over 100 percent, it’s likely that you can only use the bonus that you got on a limited number of games.

  • No Deposit Bonus

This may be something that a player immediately seeks before signing up with an online casino. It is true that you can get a no deposit bonus, but there is still a catch that you should know. A no deposit bonus would usually start with at least 10 dollars.

Most of the casinos that offer a no deposit bonus will let you immediately use the amount that you got. The catch is that if you win and make more money from that bonus, you can only withdraw your winnings by first making a deposit. 

This is only really best if you’re intention is to test a casino out first. The bonus that you get can be enough for you to use on a few games. Those few games should already let you know whether you found the right online casino for you.

  • Monthly Deposit Bonus

This is also known as a reload bonus or loyalty bonus. It’s as it is. You can get a bonus amount whenever you make your first deposit of the month. This is mainly offered by casinos to make sure you remain active.

The amount that you get from this may not be as much as the bonus you got from your very first deposit but it’s always great to get something each month if you’re someone who will be frequently playing online casino games.

  • Payment Method Bonus

There are online casinos that are partnered with third-party services that process payment transactions for them. An example of this is getting a bonus if you make a deposit using your American Express card or using digital wallets like Skrill.

  • High Roller Bonus

This is usually something that’s offered to the VIPs of a casino. High rollers are the ones who would spend big amounts of money on a single game. If you’re part of a VIP program, a high roller bonus is just really one of the perks and extra privileges that you can get.

  • Friend Referral Bonus

There are online casinos that would reward players who’d bring more players to their sites. Usually, for you to get this bonus, your friend would have to use your unique code. For people to not abuse this promo, casinos that offer this will require your friend to at least make an initial deposit before you can get your bonus.

  • Free Spins

This is probably something that you not only see on casinos. Even online sportsbooks would offer their punters free spins. It’s becoming a trend for casinos to offer this instead bonuses in percentage. After all, anybody can play a game of slots. This is surely great for people who are only planning to play slots.


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