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Top Ideas for a Boys Night In

December 5 Sandra Wong

When you want to spend some quality time with the lads, it not always about going out and partying. There are activities that you can do to entertain yourselves at home and still have the best night ever. When you are planning a night in with the boys, you just need to get a few things right, and the laughs will flow. If you are looking for ideas on a theme for a boy’s night in, or just want some tips on how to make it one to remember, this guide gives you some tips.

Movie Night

Movie nights with the boys means you can indulge in the fast-paced films you love, and check out Time Out’s list for inspiration. You can also show off your home entertainment system. Set up your room like a cinema, lower the lights, and make the most of your surround sound.

Food that always goes well for movie nights includes pizza, crisps, and popcorn, and as with any boys’ night in, have plenty of beer on tap.

Casino Night

Casino nights are where you can get your mates together and have fun winning money off each other, through a selection of games. Card games such as poker are often a good choice, and bring with it some excitement and also some nerves as you and your friends try to out bluff each other! If you don’t have access to physical games, you could also try online casino games, such as from Unibet. This can be a great way to unwind, have fun and have a mental boost.

For a casino night, all you need is a table, comfortable seating and a pack of cards and you’re ready to play. Keep the beer flowing and have finger snacks on hand so you can eat without being distracted from your games.


Most men enjoy watching sports, so if you and your mates are football fans, rugby supporters, or prefer F1 or tennis, then put on your team colours and get together to watch the drama unfold. Prepare for plenty of tense moments, shouting and cheering!

As with any boy’s night in, finger foods work best. So, go for hot and spicy chicken wings, pizza, and nachos with dips.

Beer Tasting

Most men will have their preferred flavours when it comes to beer, but hosting a beer tasting night for your friends is a fun way to try new tastes. With hipsters fuelling the sales of craft beers, beer tasting is now for the connoisseurs. Get a range of different beers to try, and include some from small breweries. Ask your mates to bring along their own unusual beers too. It is also fun to rate each beer on aspects such as flavour, fruitiness, colour, and drinkability. Foods that go well with beer include curry, loaded potato skins, and barbecue foods.

Having a boy’s night in is the stuff of legends, where you can bond with your friends in a way that only men understand.


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