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Real casinos and online casinos, what’s the difference?

March 5 Sandra Wong

In times of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 all known business activities are migrating towards digital platforms. The emergence of the so-called “X” and “Y” generations has given the definitive boost to e-commerce and the mobile application market.

Therefore, the world of casinos and betting shops is no exception, where users feel increasingly safe and protected on the network. This is an inevitable trend: land based casinos are being replaced by online sites.

What is the future of real casinos?

The complete disappearance of physical casinos is very unlikely – at least in the short or medium term – due to the magic, glamour and tourist industry in cities like Las Vegas in the United States or Ibiza in Spain. Real casinos are usually associated with locations with great tourist potential. Usually the gambling establishments are part of some circuit or tour for visitors.

In addition, there are a lot of gamblers with a great feeling of loyalty towards online real money casinos. The most practical and versatile solution of the big brands has been to maintain the physical hall, while in parallel they create a reliable website for online betting. Also, most online casino users have ever attended a physical casino.

In fact, digital entertainment specialists believe those players who come to the website to recreate the once unparalleled gambling experience in a real gaming room. However, many of these locations are not easily accessible. Instead, it is possible to access the web portals from anywhere in the world, at the time deemed most appropriate by the client. The advantages of online casinos in comparison with real casinos are:

The speed of play

When playing cards, roulette or wheel of fortune in “real life”, the speed of the casino game depends directly on the actions of the users and the skill of the dealer or machine operator. This does not happen when playing online, where players advance as briefly as they can click.

The speed of online games is a double-edged sword, because that also means winning or losing in a faster pace. In other words, if the customer likes to gamble long and fast, he should ideally play online. But if a user prefers to think calmly about his moves, he should choose a physical casino.

The chances of success do not depend on the gambling hall or the chosen web portal; in cases like slot machines they depend on the house’s retention rate of each specific game or software. Similarly, if it is a poker or blackjack game the intelligence of the player is an important factor.

The mobility of money

The way to enter and withdraw money from the gambling house is one of the most significant differences between real casinos and online casinos. A gambler in a physical room must carry his money (or chips) with him while making his bets. When picking up winnings, he usually has to go through a payout box to change his chips before he can leave the premises.

Online casinos are much more adaptable in that respect. The player is allowed to use his credit card, electronic money (PayPal, for example) or crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum…). Although the deposit options may vary according to the user’s geographical location, because the rules of e-money use and accessibility may vary from one country to another.

On the other hand, online casinos almost always have a help service by text messaging or Whatsapp to support customers who wish to deposit in their trusted accounts. Additionally, most of these virtual gaming houses convert money into coins, but in a digital way and only in a symbolic way.

The availability of games and chairs

When physical casinos are very crowded or popular, their customers are often forced to wait for a chair or a game to be free. With online casinos this does not happen, customers can start the games without wasting time, where and when they want and without unnecessary costs.

Bonuses and advantages

Online casinos also offer bonuses on their deposits in order to attract more players. These types of offers are unheard of in real gambling houses. Consequently, online casinos exhibit a wide range of benefits and promotions. While some users may complain about the rules, the recommendation to users is always to read the rules and usage policies before starting to play.

Cash bonuses are emerging as a promising option thanks to themed pastimes that offer 20x multipliers, some of which are totally free. To ensure the dividends, many users participate with a very low percentage (between 10 and 20%). Correspondingly, profits would be low, but the risk of losing money is substantially mitigated.

Legal restrictions and security

Regularly, to gamble in a real casino the only restriction is the minimum age of entry, which varies between 18 and 21 years, according to the laws of each nation. There are countries where online casinos are totally forbidden and gambling establishments recommend keeping up to date with current legislation because it is not uncommon for it to be modified quite frequently.

The level of security is higher in internet casinos. It is an indispensable aspect in the reputation of this type of web platforms because nowadays it is not rare to observe a virtual room with the presence of players from different parts of the world. Land based casinos can provide a unique sensory experience, but when it comes to the variety and ways of betting, nothing provides greater security and diversity than online casinos.


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