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Quiz: To play at a traditional land based casino or at an online casino?

November 10 Sandra Wong

Should you play at a traditional land based casino or at an online casino?

For those of you who enjoy playing fun casino games such as slot, blackjack and roulette – you now have a lot more choices than you previously would have had. While land based traditional casinos are still popular among some, you now have other options. Online casinos offer some great free casino offers that you are able to utilize. There are many advantages to playing at an online casino; the bonuses and promotions tend to be better, and the fact that they exist online and are often compatible with mobile devices, means that your gaming can also be portable. However, the traditional casino experience itself is something that many seasoned gamblers cherish dearly, and for this sentimental reason, they often prefer to continue visiting land based casinos.

If you are currently unsure as to whether you are best suited for gambling at a traditional land based or whether you will enjoy online casino games more, we have created a special quiz to help you figure out which option is best for you! Answer the following five questions below and be sure to keep count of how many times you choose option A and option B as your answer.

1) How busy are you?

A) Not very busy; I find that I have a lot of free leisure time on my hands

B) Very Busy! I have a high pressured job and am constantly on the go

2) How do you feel about modern technology?

A) It is okay, but I prefer to do things the old fashioned way if I can

B) Modern technology is a life saver! I own a laptop or PC and at least one mobile device to help simplify my life.

3) Do you feel that land based casinos give you good promotions?

A) Not really, but I do not mind.

B) No – I wish they would give free bonuses and have better promotions.

4) Do you live near a land based casino?

A) Yes, I live very near one and it is no bother at all to get there.

B) I do not live near one and find it a considerable effort to visit one.

5) Do you like big crowds of people?

A) Yes, I love being surrounded by throngs of people all the time.

B) I prefer a bit of space and quiet.



Mostly A’s: You seem to be quite happy going to a land based traditional casino and should continue to do so as long as it is convenient for you.

Mostly B’s: Your lifestyle and preferences dictate that playing casino games at a traditional casino may not be the best move for you. You will be much happier and enjoy your time playing more if you play your casino games at an online casino. This will not only be more convenient for your lifestyle, but you will also get some great new player casino welcome bonuses when you join.




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