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Vintage advantage video games

December 9 Sandra Wong

Our analysts have evaluated 25 old-school apps to reveal the most-loved retro game.

Video games have come a long way since 1972, when Pong – one of the original arcade games – was released.

As the years passed, devices shrunk to fit into the palm of our hands – first with the Gameboy in 1989, then with the release of Tetris Mobile in 1994. Tetris has since become the backbone of mobile gaming, continuing to inspire app developers today.

Vintage advantage

For some, the 2010s are but a distant memory, for others they’re desperately trying to relive their best years and reminisce. With an abundance of technological improvements, a lot has changed recently in the app world as new technology allows more extravagant games to be released. 

But which vintage game has stood the test of time? Betway’s analysts evaluated 25 old-school apps to reveal the most-loved retro game, plus which countries love these apps the most.


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