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Professional Slots Player – Susie Slots Bio

August 12 LuckyLady

Susie Slots, resident slot expert and professional slots casino player

Susie Slots Does Vegas in Style!

Susie Slots Does Vegas in Style true high-roller style by never forgetting any of her Slots VIP Players Cards!

As balling and awesome as she is, even Susie Slots has a day job in entertainment where she makes a good living to subsidize her slots playing. Susie Slots is a slot machine degenerate (not meant to be derogatory but a positive one meaning a lover of slots), is a VIP member at most Casino Chains including Seven Star Player status at Caesar’s Entertainment where she enjoys all the perks and comps a Casino VIP player gets.

Here is Susie Slots really super excited about a Fish Bonus Game after a good 2 bottles of wine!

She spends anywhere from $70,000 to $150,000 a year on video slots and video poker machines in live casinos and is said to have made thousands of friends over the years. Susie Slots has been said to ‘Enjoy every single slots spin she has ever spun’ giving her the name Susie Slots! Susie slots prefers penny slots to high stakes slots, so that she can get more play for her dollar. When she is not in a Casino, you can find her at the Lucky Lady Slots Free-to-Play Slots game playing and leveling up huge!

Susie spends her time in Las Vegas and the rest of her time in between Atlantic City, New Jersey and Macau in Asia where her professional high-stakes Chinese poker playing boyfriend resides most of the year.

Susie Slots has a high variance slots history, which you can expect in a slots player, but because she does not spend money she does not have or play outside for her bankroll, she clearly marks any negative swings as entertainment and her postive upswings as ‘bonuses’ to her life. Susie Slots thinks of slots game in terms of long-term expected value and though she says, that slots math is second nature to her, her slots skills lie in her ability to feel and choose a lucky winning machine.

Over the last decade and over a million dollars invested into slot machine gaming, Susie Slots is said to be up about $150,000 to date (direct from the source). It might not sound like a lot over 10+ years (Averaging $12k/year, but 2/10 years where she was negative $50,000), but given the fact that she has earned some of the top casino VIP comps the world has to offer and enjoyed a game she loves so much, she feels like a big, big winner in the slots industry.

Susie Slots has a degree in entertainment law, loves make-up, loves travelling to the world’s best casinos destinations, enjoying the finest casino restaurants, drinking any kind of wine and of course playing the best slot machines the world has to offer.

Susie Slots just enjoys slots so much she has told us that money is secondary. She enjoys the entertainment aspect as well as the social aspects of it.

Susie Slots LOVES to play fishing slots with great bonuses the best and when she is not in a Casino, she says “Slotomania or LuckyLady Slots on Facebook and a newly popped bottle of Pinot Noir is a girl’s best friend!”

Try out one of Susie Slots favorite fish games for free at Lucky Lady Slots called ‘Ocean Pearl’ here.

Play with Susie Slots today and have a chat with her in the chat forums! Click here to PLAY NOW – with Susie Slots.


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