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Become a Professional Slot Player

August 2 admin

Does making money being a Professional Slot Player sound crazy?

Professional Slot Player… does have a good ring to it doesn’t it? 

First off, the question everyone is probably wondering is if there such a thing as a professional slot player? And if there is, how can you become one?

Professional Slot Player's make money at playing slots in the long term

Slots Professionals make money at playing slots in the long term & know when to cash out!

In anything that involves money, there are ways for human beings to find an edge and make a living off of it. Though there aren’t any notable professional slot players by names (like there are professional poker players or blackjack players), but there are definitely professional slot players that exist that play slots for a living. It will be interesting to see what these slots professionals do, and who they are, so if you are a slots professional, please get a hold of us at Lucky Lady Games for further relations.

Many believe that in order to be a professional slot player, you are most likely a cheat or some machine mastermind that excels at creating an edge or finding loop holes in the casinos inner workings. There are some cases however, that notes that some slots professionals are able to win more frequently than your average player who plays against a slot machine that does not require any skill beyond pressing buttons, where results are purely governed by a random number generator.

The secret of these slot machine pros, according to Susie Slots, is that they don’t just play any machine. Instead, you have to do some slots homework before you just sit down and start plugging in your hard earned money. Look for machines with higher payout percentages, where the chance to win a money and hit bonuses or free spins is very high. These so-called “loose” machines are often used to attract new players and patrons to encourage more play. You can find a loose slot by simply talking to the locals, casino staff or even sometimes casino regulars (if they aren’t hounding the machines themselves).

Keep your eye open for machines with enhanced payout percentages that seem to hit more around highly trafficked areas such as buffet lineups or entrances. A professional slot player is very picky with the machines they play.

Other machines of interest to slot professionals are progressive machines. The larger the jackpot however, the harder it is to hit, offering you the lowest payout percentage in the casino because it usually requires you to bet max number of coins per spin or else you won’t even activate the jackpot if you do hit it.

Land-based casinos also increase payout percentages on new slots games to entice users to play, so don’t be scared to try new machines as you may benefit from their marketing ploys.

Online Casinos are also a great way to start playing slots as payouts tend to be much higher than land-based casinos. Online casinos have a much lower overhead and for those serious in becoming a Professional Slot Player should do their research first online. If you are already here on this page ‘Become a Professional Slot Player’ you probably are on the right track. Be sure however that you are playing slots at a trusted source and do not play at blacklisted casinos. If you are not sure how play slots online, it is advised you try free slots first to get the hang of it.

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Happy Spinning & Winning!


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