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Are Casino Games a problem for society?

September 4 Sandra Wong

Sometimes I get asked about my work as a casino game designer regarding ethics in responsible gaming.

My answer for when someone asks me about the negative aspects of casino games always lies in something along the lines of …Casino is simply another vehicle to entertainment. Who am I to judge how an individual wants to spend their leisure time and money. The job of a game designer, or any UI/UX designer for games for that matter is to design for experience, not THE experience.

There are many parts of the online casino gambling space where players behave like any other gamer in other game genres. While it is easy to point a finger at casino games as the problem child, this gaming sector is no more dark or seedy than any other kind of game. Casino, like MMOs, RPGs or Free2play has its fans and whales just as every other kind does.

I think one of the reasons why online gambling is frowned upon is that there has been so little innovation in the space compared to other gaming genres. The games stick to the very tried-and-true addiction zone-out, repackaged style of product.

“That’s why online gambling remains largely a margin- and customer-acquisition business, and why it rarely generates any real enthusiasm among the gaming press. Games are an entertainment business like TV where the fiction and the mechanic are just as important as one another, but online gambling comes across as about as genuinely exciting as watching QVC. They are so un-innovative largely because of the philosophy that drives them.”

According to TechCrunch “Even the whole addiction thing is largely handled with the same levels of responsibility as any social game, massive multi-player game or other provider.”


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