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Secrets to a Social Casino Game Designer’s Entrepreneurial Success

March 28 Sandra Wong

Just some fun little entrepreneur stats about  Sandra Wong – Social Casino Game Design Consultant, Woman in Gaming, Female Entrepreneur, App Strategist, Graphic Designer, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing

I’ve been working for myself full-time since 2005 (Wow, 12 years!) and I’ve only had 2 clients not pay me. I have negated this completely in the last 10 years by always charging a first-time client fee of 50% and I never deliver work before it’s cleared. If there is urgency, don’t own it. If they want to work with you, they will work with you.

I’ve never paid for any outside marketing EVER and all my clients have been through referrals (repeats) or have found me through my content marketing efforts such as my blog or Linkedin (biggest contracts).

The secrets to my success are:

1) Be Niche – I’m a female social casino game design expert (I made this up myself by merging my 2 passion streams in life, graphic designer/web developer + poker pro after noticing future trends in the online casino space). I don’t limit myself to this, but this is my core focus.

2) Be Obsessive (I NEVER go a day – not even 1 day – without doing something for my business – and yes, self-care is part of my business.)

3) Be Authentic – my passion for design/casino/business lifestyle comes from my most truest place.

4) Creating My Own Opportunities – say yes before you say no, stay humble, always be networking & get on people’s radar.

5) Never Stop Learning & Failing Fast – there is no such thing as failure, only learning. You never know what will work so always try things out.

6) Multiple Streams of Income. Don’t be silly and leave yourself without a safety net. To survive as an entrepreneur, you need to have better money management skills than the average person.

7) Put Clients First – Once you know your client is legit – (contracts signed/pays) then all gears change. You must bend-over backwards, jump through hoops, whatever you can do to make their life easier and get the job done, you do. In order to be a top consultant, know that you work on a 24/7 clock, so if that’s what they want you to show up for, that’s what you show up for.

8) Be agile to situations & learn how each client likes to work. This means being able to be humble when needed and checking your ego at the door. You might think you are being hired for what you know, but really sometimes you are being hired to validate what they know.

9) Be a Masochist or at least committed to the pain, volatility and pressure because there is no such thing as entrepreneurship without that.

10) Trusting myself – believing in myself. Before anyone can/will believe in what you have to offer, you have to do it first. Confidence is everything and that only comes with mastery of your craft inside and out. Plus, no one wants their consultant to be a yes person.

11) Small wins & wows – always aim to wow your client and go above expectations every step of the way, not just the end. Always wow yourself, buy the shoes, take the trip, treat your loved ones because trust me, when you earn it, it’s so much better!

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You can find more of Sandra Wong – Casino Gaming Consultant on LinkedIn for more of this female entrepreneur’s resume and work history. You can also Tweet her.


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