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Casino Game Design for the Millennial Demographic 101

December 2 Sandra Wong

So with the shrinking land-based casinos market by over an estimated 20% over the last decade from 2005 to 2015, it’s no wonder many casino operators are looking at new markets to ensure survival in the long term. The next casino coming-of-age group many are looking at is the millennial group aka. Generation Y aka 21 to 35 year olds.

So what do this millennial generation care about when you are game designing?

millennials game design

The 5 C’s of game designing to the millennials demographic:

  1. Customize: Choices boost capacity. Everything from who to play with, when to play, and what to play. For example, they like choices of missions, bonuses, what to achieve.
  2. Control: Ownership produces outcomes.  They like ultimate outcome of the game experience in their hand so when designing ask how do we allow for customization and user control? How can we give control to a user through both interface design and ux.
  3. Cultivate skill: What can they master? What skills can they hone down or practice over and over? Define a clear roadmap of what is expected of the player, and what skills are required to level up and accomplish the missions. It has to be challenging enough for them to care. If games are too passive then they will get bored and fast. There is too much these days vying for their attention so you need to create challenges that have value… but also remember they need to be natural and authentic to the game experience. 
  4. Collaboration: Nothing significant can be achieved alone mentality. The bigger the team, the epic-er the win for example is a good way to look at their mentality. Think more out of ‘What’s in it for me’ but rather, ‘What’s in it for us!’. 
  5. Consequence: Purpose activates participation.  Definition of success is meaningful work, where the ultimate goal is achieved through achieving mini-wins along the way. This group likes feedback, good or bad, give them feedback. Make them feel involved and that they are appreciated and belong so in turn they care. And when they care they will stay loyal. 
  6. Care: Value beyond financial. They value authenticity and  care about incentives beyond purely financial and they are willing to pay for games that compel them in a lean-forward kind of way. 

So how social are the millennials with their games? 

  • Over 50% say they play games with their friends.
  • 16% say they play with their parents.
  • When asked what they perceive as an ideal entertainment environment, Millennials prioritize: free Wi-Fi (71%); access to a charging port for my phone (68%); allow me to influence/co-create the experience (40%); provide a way for me to ask and answer questions (34%); demonstrate something good my money is going toward (33%); incorporate compelling/interactive online content (28%); and connect me to other consumers of this experience (24%).

Are you designing for a game for the millennial casino demographics and need help? Follow me @astrogurl where I tweet about all things casino gaming.


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